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Kipling, the popular handbag and accessories company, has signed on to be the exclusive accessories sponsor of the 2011 U.S. Figure Skating Championships. The competition, which began on Saturday, is being held at the Greensboro Coliseum until January 30th. It features the world’s best skaters in the ladies, men’s, pairs and ice dancing categories.

To celebrate this year’s competition, the brand will provide each skater with a one-of-a-kind USA Kipling bag. The bright red duffle features the U.S. Figure Skating logo and Kipling’s iconic monkey charm.

According to Julie Dimperio, President of Kipling North America, “Our sponsorship of the U.S. Figure Skating Championships is a major first for the Kipling brand. “We are thrilled to participate in one of the country’s most beloved sporting events.”

Unfortunately the special bags are only available for the skating stars, but fans can visit for a similar duffle.

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The bad news for NCAA fans: the 2010 football season is winding down, with only bowl games left to play. The good news: the end of college football means college basketball is in full swing. As your favorite teams work to improve their game, you can work to improve your gametime style.

Collegiate attire has definitely evolved over the years and companies are continuing to take on a more fashion-forward approach when it comes to developing gear for female fans. A Glam Slam has found three companies who are putting a totally unique spin on college fan gear, each doing so in very different ways. Take a look:

Campus Couture

“Couture was her only downfall…that and a love for her team.”The motto of the Campus Couture brand describes many collegiate females who are eager to showcase their school spirit, while maintaining their sense … Read More »


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Female golfers haven’t always been synonymous with style. Women have been a part of the game for a long time yet their on-course fashions still continue to evolve. Early on, frilly high-neck blouses and long skirts had players dressed for an afternoon tea rather than a round of golf.

Today’s golf gear designers are finally understanding how to fuse style with function when it comes to fairway fashions. They must also keep pace with a new crop of style conscious players likeMichelle Wie, who swapped traditionally conservative golf gear for fun, sexy fashions, and Seema Sadekar, who accessorizes with a diamond studded golf bag.

So who better than a former fashion market director at InStylemagazine, to take a stab at re-vamping tee-time style. In addition to her fashion experience, Toby Tucker Peters is an avid golfer who played on … Read More »


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Capitalizing on the success of the EasyTone sneakers, Reebok has expanded their toning collection to include apparel. The brand claims their new line of workout clothing will result in “a better body with every move.”

The toning category has become of the fastest growing segments in the athletic shoe business. To keep a leg up on the competition, Reebok has added pants, shorts, capris, tees and tanks to the EasyTone collection. This innovative new performance line uses “Resistone bands” that create resistance when the wearer moves. EasyTone tops are said to tone and strengthen muscles and improve posture, while bottoms are supposed to tone and strengthen key muscles in the legs and butt.

The pieces in the line were designed with athletically inspired materials and fashionable styling, making them an ideal choice for a workout or as casual wear.

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When we think of Tommy Bahama, “men in Hawaiian printed shirts sipping pina coladas on the beach” is typically what comes to mind. And that’s quite a departure from “men in baseball jerseys chugging beers at the stadium.” But the lifestyle brand actually has a multiyear agreement with Major League Baseball Properties. And though the collaboration seems unlikely, the result is a pretty unique line of fan gear.

Tommy Bahama offers a “Collector’s Edition” of MLB shirts with team names and official logos embroidered on the back. While the gear is definitely taste specific, its a great option for Tommy Bahama enthusiasts. Teams include the New York Yankees, Boston Red Sox, Chicago Cubs, St. Louis Cardinals, Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim and the Los Angeles Dodgers and they are available at select Tommy Bahama retail locations and online here.

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A picture is worth a thousand words. And now your t-shirt can be too.

The introduction of High-Def (HD) television has provided viewers with a clearer, better, more exciting way to watch sporting events from their own home. HD allows fans to feel like they’re right in the heart of the action. Thanks to a company called Three60 Gear, baseball enthusiasts can feel closer to the game in a totally different way – through their fan gear.

We’ve seen photos printed on t-shirts in the past but Three60 Gear is taking the concept to a whole new level. The St. Louis based company has developed a line of MLB tees with vibrant colors and a high-def quality that we have yet to see in fan gear.

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Just in time for football season or perhaps a chilly night of October baseball, A Glam Slam would like to introduce you to a cool new way to keep warm in the stands: The Fur-Z. A revolutionary form of fan gear, this funky fashion manages to transform a standard jersey into a luxurious piece of outerwear.

The concept is simple: “The Fur-Z starts with an authentic licensed sports jersey that is then transformed by New York tailors into the ultimate in luxury sporting apparel. The “Fur-Z” is a real fur coat. The idea was to turn a baggy, chunky and over-sized sports jersey into a beautiful piece of high style fashion – one that fits well and is warm, wearable and, above all, amazingly attractive.”

The Fur-Z line was first introduced during the 2010 Vancouver Olympic Games, as Team USA and Team Canada hockey … Read More »


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The NFL has gotten in touch with its feminine side – finally. Female football fans represent an important sector of the NFL viewing population and the league is now “getting it” when it comes to merchandise. Sure the days of turning a boyfriend’s old jersey into a minidress were fun, but ladies want a variety of fan gear options that are both sporty and feminine. Attire that can easily transition from gametime to everyday life.

Football’s interest in women’s fashion is validated by the numbers. The NFL estimates that 45 million women watch (and 375,000 attend) NFL games each weekend and women make up almost 50% of the NFL audience. And the presence of the female fan is felt not only in the stands, but within the stadium shops. We’ve seen great strides in the effort to … Read More »


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By now everyone is aware that the U.S. Open is much more than a sporting event; it’s also a runway for tennis finery. We still may not know who’s going to win or lose but even before the tournament began, we knew what the top seeded players would be wearing.

In an effort to keep up with these tennis superstars on the fashion front, fan gear has also stepped up its game. Not to mention the fact that the ultimate style critic, Vogue magazine Editor-In-Chef Anna Wintour, is back in the stands again this year. So let’s take a look at some of A Glam Slam’s US Open fan gear favorites:


Sportiqe Apparel is known for creating fashion-forward, licensed gear, especially in the sports sector. The brand’s US … Read More »


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We are only days away from the official start of college football season. Campuses all across the country have been filling up with students eagerly awaiting kick-off and college football fans are some of the most loyal and passionate fans out there.

That passion translates to their fan gear as well, as head-to-toe team colors, painted faces and dyed hair are often part of the extravagant ensembles seen in the stands. But for the ladies, finding a way to infuse school spirit and style can be a challenge. And football game days tend to go from day to night which can result in a major fashion dilemma: finding fan gear to take you from fieldside to the frat party.

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