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Football fans are familiar with Brad Smith’s versatility on the gridiron. Off-the-field, his interests extend into the business of fashion. Philadelphia Life magazine highlights Smith’s sartorial game. In addition to evolving his own style skills, the Philadelphia Eagle and Men’s Health contributor has been working to help emerging fashion designers. Earlier this year, he launched the “Design for Brad Smith” competition.

In the featured article, dubbed “Man in Motion,” the magazine chats with Smith about his role with Men’s Health, his design contest, Philly’s fashion scene, and how his teammates react to his fashion choices. For the full article, written by Bill Donahue, visit here. Below are a few exceprts:

What do you like so much about fashion?

It’s the art of it. My interest is in the design and the creativity, where people can come up with interesting stuff and set a new style. The art part of it carries over into differ- ent things—whether it’s a design or a watch or clothes or a car. Those are the types of things I’m interested in

Former NHL player Sean Avery was very much into fashion and modeling, and he caught some good-natured flak from his teammates because of it. Do you get the same?

Not at all. Most guys, they want to know how they can look good, how I was able to get the intern- ship—things like that. In Philadelphia, you can look nice and there’s not a stigma of fashion as not being tough or not being manly. It’s just not true. A man has to take care of himself and his family, and that extends to the way he looks. People respect you when you look good. 

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