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The intersection of style and sports is most evident as the NBA Playoffs roll around. This year, fans have been privy to another stylish sartorial display from the league’s top stars. These athletes have taken it to a whole new level with their fashion statements.

For a look back at A Glam Slam’s 2014 NBA Playoffs Fashion Game: Part 1, visit here. Below is Part 2, which highlights the next round of memorable styles:

Pairs Division: Blake Griffin and Chris Paul; LeBron James and Dwyane Wade

Off-the-court, teammates Griffin and Paul share a stylist, Courtney Mays, who recently revealed the “Secrets to Styling the Clippers.” Mays explained that Griffin is very particular about his fit, and described his wardrobe as “J. Crew mixed with John Varvatos.” She also dished on Paul’s suit preferences and his “sporty chic” tendencies. Watch the video footage here.

(photos via @notasocialite)

(photo via @cjzero)

James and Wade are two of the league’s top trendsetters, each with a very different sense of style. Wade’s major fashion statements have come in the form of cuffed denim overalls and the now infamous white cut-off pants. LeBron has added flair with his bold accessory choices, including printed specs, hats, and floral lapel pins.

(photo via @nba)

Serge Ibaka: Ibaka has been all about the headwear. Hats have been incorporated into much of his post-game wear, which has spanned the fashion spectrum, from tailored blazers to simple tees.

(photos via @NBA, @SoleCollector)

John Wall: Wall stepped up his suit game for the playoffs. He looked dapper in both light and dark designs, complemented by details such as bow ties, a Louis Vuitton toiletry case, and moncramatic styling.

(photos via @SoleCollector)

Paul George: George has made plaid his signature NBA Playoffs post-game style. Button-down shirts and v-neck tees have featured the pattern in various colorways, while a large gold chain has served as his jewelry of choice.

(photos via @NBA, @paul_george24)

Matt Barnes: With the help of his stylist, Brandon Williams, Barnes stepped out in a range of fresh designs. From a camo printed blazer to yellow trousers to a sleek gray suit, he showcased a diverse set of styles often enhanced by nice pops of color.

(photos via @brandwills)

Damian Lillard: Lillard was a top competitor for Wall in the NBA Playoffs suit game. His threads were both clean and elegant. Among his standout styles were the three-piece light gray suit and vibrant Rip City red suit seen below.

(photos via @trailblazers)

Russell Westbrook: Westbrook continues to take fashion risks and push the boundaries with his outlandish clothing choices. Vogue magazine noted that he has also embraced “florecore,” as floral patterns have been trending in his post-game style.

(photos via @NBATV, @treykerby)

Paul Pierce: Pierce has certainly kept it consistent on fashion front. A windowpane jacket, blue button-down shirt, leather backpack, and dark shades marked his pre-game style.

(photos via @SoleCollector)

Hasheem Thabeet: Some player fashions have been louder than the playoff crowds. Case in point: the colorful looks below from Thabeet.

(photos via @SoleCollector, @DoctorNBA)


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