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Johnny Weir and Tara Lipinski quickly became Sochi fan favorites, as they balanced their colorful personalities with on-point expert analysis. The transition to commentating was a natural fit for the Olympic skaters. Their undeniable chemistry, paired with their dramatic and perfectly planned fashion choices, provided as much entertainment as the figure skating performances. As they told, their Olympic wardrobe included: “8 suitcases with 22 pairs of shoes, 10 pounds of jewelry, 25 blazers, 4 fur coats (all Johnny’s), 6 pairs of leather pants, and 9 high-end purses.”

(photo via @taralipinski)

Costumes on-the-ice ranged from elegant to outlandish, yet they were often overshadowed by Weir’s style choices. He’s no stranger to the fashion world. His competitive costumes were always a hot topic and this year he helped to design the outfit worn by Sochi men’s figure skating gold medalist, Yuzuru Hanyu. Outside of the sport, Weir’s fashion resume includes developing a line of little back dresses with retailer

The Winter Games had Weir’s sartorial splendor on display. His vintage designs were adorned with jewels, and a braided pompadour added glamour to each ensemble. In an interview with, Weir explained his on-air Olympic wardrobe:

I decided to go more of Stanley Tucci’s character from The Hunger Games. I’m trying to stay between the lines of Johnny on Skating with the Stars and the rest of the NBC men’s family in Brooks Brothers.

Weir posted each of his daily looks on instagram. To follow him, visit Below is a breakdown of his Sochi Olympic fashions:

Day 1 clothes call: RAI LA leather leggings, Rick Owens wedges, Erickson Beamon necklace.

Day 2 clothes call: Billy Reid NYC jacket, RAI LA leather leggings, Rick Owens wedges, Joomi Lim necklace.

Day 3 clothes call: Vintage Chanel blazer, Gareth Pugh Studio leather pants, Rick Owens wedges, Joomi Lim jewelry.

Day 4 clothes call: Billy Reid blazer, Joie lace shirt, RIA LA leather pants, Rick Owens wedges, Chanel watch and brooch.

Day 5 clothes call: Leather pants and jacket by RIA LA, Rick Owens wedges, Joomi Lim necklace, Nialaya bracelet.

Day 6 clothes call: Unconditional sequin blazer, Libertine shirt, J Brand jeans, Christian Louboutin shoes, Erickson Beamon jewelry.

Day 7 clothes call: Vintage Valentino blazer, Sandro shirt, J Brand jeans, Rick Owens wedges, Erickson Beamon necklace and headband.

Day 8 clothes call: Moi-Mème-Mottle blouse, Son Bung Juan pants, Rick Owens wedges, 3.1 Philip Lim necklace, Ericson Beamon ring.

Day 9 clothes call: Chanel blazer, Gareth Pugh leggings, Erickson Beamon collar.

Day 10 clothes call: Zadig & Voltaire sequin blazer, Rick Owens wedges, Erickson Beamon brooch.

Day 11 clothes call: Vintage Ferre blazer, Comme des Garcons cardigan, Versace leather pants, Rick Owens wedges, Joomi Lim necklace, Erickson Beamon wreath, Chanel watch.

Day 12 clothes call: Sandro top, Romeo and Juliet Couture pants, Christian Louboutin footwear, Erickson Beamon jewels.

Day 13 clothes call: Vintage blazer, Sandro shirt, RIA leather pants, Rick Owens wedges, Erickson Beamon necklaces.

(photos via @johnnygweir)

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