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Brad Smith is well-known for his versatility on the gridiron but off-the-field, the Philadelphia Eagles wide receiver is quickly building up his fashion credentials. His internship with Men’s Health magazine enhanced his sartorial skill set and understanding of the industry. He’s raised his fashion game as well, quickly climbing the ranks as one of the league’s most style-savvy players. To further satisfy his passion for fashion, Smith is now offering a one-of-a-kind opportunity to aspiring design talents.

He has launched a competition dubbed “Design for Brad Smith.” Emerging U.S. designers have the opportunity to create and submit a head-to-toe red carpet ensemble. The winning look will be hand-selected by Smith, together with a panel of fashion industry professionals. Brad will showcase the threads on the red carpet, at a Mercedes Benz Fashion Week event in February. The chosen designer will also have a chance to expand the winning look into a collection.

For additional information about the “Design for Brad Smith” competition, visit here. To enter your own design, visit here. A Glam Slam spoke with Brad about the concept in greater detail. Check it out:

The “Design for Brad Smith” competition is a unique idea and one we haven’t seen as it relates to athletes and fashion. How did the concept come about?

I work with a talented group of people who have a great pulse on both the fashion and sports communities – and we thought the competition would be a great way to combine my interest in fashion with my passion for sports and my love for helping people. At the end of the day, this platform is life-changing for the winning designer on a number of levels. The Mission is to nurture the creativity and natural aptitude of emerging design talent, while creating opportunities using our network to further the winners’ media exposure. On top of that, we’re taking it even further – because the designer will have an opportunity to expand the winning look into a collection with a chance to score a production deal. That’s huge!

What are some of the factors that will weigh most heavily in choosing the winning designer/red carpet look?

The judging panel and myself are looking for several criteria when it comes to the winning look. Things like innovation, wear-ability and commercial viability. But for me, since I will be the one who wears it, I also want to see originality and a well executed thought process.

Are there skills you acquired during your Men’s Health internship that will come in handy for this competition?

Absolutely. I learned a lot during my internship with Men’s Health, and I’m able to bring that knowledge to the table to make this competition a success. Having great people around you is extremely important. A national competition is a big undertaking; marketing, promotions, web programming, you name it. I’m excited about the group of people that are helping with this Competition because they are making sure we’ve covered all bases – start to finish.

In general, do you find that there are similarities in the fashion world as compared to football?

Honestly, not really. The thing that does carry over is the artistic nature of both, how they are each a way of personal expression.

Is there any friendly fashion competition off-the-field, between yourself and other style savvy teammates?

I think guys feed off each other more so. When they see another guy make a bold statement with there clothing then they are more likely to do the same.

Athletes know that there’s life after their sport and many have ventured into the fashion business with clothing lines, collaborations, etc. Do you hope to continue down the fashion road once your football career is over?

I hope so. I love to create things.

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