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Under Armour has come to be known for its flashy and unconventional college sporting styles. The company’s recent collaboration with the Northwestern men’s basketball team continues that trend. The Wildcats played the role of fashion designers, helping to create their own alternate uniforms. The “By The Player” inspired threads offer a unique spin on standard hardwood styles.

Team members were given a series of 25 questions, which served as the foundation for the uniform design. The gear was built from details including school traditions and team mantras, offering a deeper connection to the wearers. The resulting uniform boasts a purple and gray color scheme, and is decorated with the following icons:

FAMILY, BROTHERHOOD and TRUST: The three words the players and coaches identified as the terms that embody the NU basketball team. They are placed around the school logo on the uniform.

JOHN HANCOCK CENTER: Not only a fixture in the Chicago skyline, this building has been the site of many team bonding and recruiting experiences.

CHICAGO SKYLINE: NU is “Chicago’s BIG10 team” so the skyline was integrated into the uniform to represent the great city they play for.

EH! EH! EH!: As NU takes the court, you will undoubtedly hear the team chanting “Eh! Eh! Eh!” as they prep for battle.

HEART-SHAPED BASKETBALL: Coach Collins has a mantra he reiterates to his team day-in and day-out: “Love the game!” The heart-shaped basketball icon is a representation of this saying.

POUND THE ROCK: The teams’ call to arms, their battle cry is “Pound the Rock.”

The Wildcats will unveil the “By The Player” designs on Sunday, during a home game against Illinois. Check it out: 

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