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Barneys New York opened its newly renovated men’s shop with the help of New York Rangers goaltender, Henrik Lundqvist. The fashion aficionado is making the most of his time before the team begins training for the upcoming season. He hosted the stylish celebration, which showcased the store’s refurbished design and where 10 percent of proceeds from the evening benefitted the U.S. Fund for UNICEF. To coincide with the men’s store makeover, Barneys also launched a “Man Up” campaign.

Earlier in the Summer, the upscale retailer debuted a revamped men’s accessory floor. Now the sixth floor men’s department has also received a stylish overhaul. Among the new additions is an expanded made-to-measure department, a feature that would likely appeal to pro athletes like Lundqvist, who often opt for bespoke fashions.

(photo via WWD)

Esquire magazine caught up with Lundqvist while at Barneys, to discuss the new men’s shop and style in the NHL. For the full interview, read on here. Below are a few excerpts:

ESQ: We can’t wait to see you and the rest of the Rangers back on the ice, but until then, this is fun. How did you link up with Barneys to help co-host this event?

HL: Well Barneys is a New York style institution and they know that I love fashion and shopping, so they asked. It was an easy yes for me.

ESQ: Nice! So who did you decide to wear tonight? 

HL: I just came in yesterday and picked this outfit out with a personal shopper here on the floor. The blazer is Andrea Campagna and the grey flannel pants are Zegna. Of course, they tailored everything to my standards.

ESQ: So you don’t have any favorite designers? You were saying that you just like what you like, right?

HL: Yeah, I don’t shop by brand loyalty at all. I’m just drawn to what I like when I shop. I do like this brand called Tiger of Sweden a lot, though. They make great sportswear and tailoring. And Calvin Klein; big supporter of them as well.

(photo via nymag.com
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