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Stephanie Gilmore has cemented herself as a dominant force in the surfing world and continues to make waves as the sport’s leading female star. At just 25 years of age, her list of accomplishments is endless. She is a 5x ASP World Champion and 2010 Laureus World Sports Award winner, just a small taste of her success. Her landmark achievements continue to pave the way for future female competitors.

The surf star and fashion enthusiast also snagged the 2013 ESPY Award for “Best Female Action Athlete.” She was praised for her wave-riding skills and her red carpet fashion game. Stephanie is often recognized for her style, both on and off the board. Her jet-setting lifestyle helps to inspire her personal fashion sense and as the newest ROXY Surf Team member, her surf and swim wear is marked by the brand’s colorful, fashion-forward designs.

“ROXY epitomizes the image and lifestyle I live, both in and out of competition. I’m excited to join forces with such an iconic brand during this powerful time in female surfing,” Gilmore said.

A Glam Slam caught up with Stephanie during a dinner at her favorite New York City restaurant, La Esquina. She dished on her move to ROXY, her personal style, her ESPY Awards red carpet look, and upcoming competitions. Check it out:

You recently joined the ROXY Surf Team. What about the brand resonates with you? 

The imagery ROXY creates and owns epitomizes the lifestyle I live. I grew up aspiring to it, and now I can be a part of it!

You’ve also modeled fashions from ROXY’s new Pop Surf Capsule Collection. Do you enjoy the modeling side and being in front of the camera?

It’s interesting. When I first started out in this game I was too young to say and understand how I wanted to be personally portrayed in the imagery that came with my job, on all levels – for brands, press, magazines, others art projects etc… and now I feel I appreciate the creative and background of a shoot, particularly a campaign shoot, in a way that I love working with the photographers, stylists, set designers in a collaborative sense…I understand my part in it now in a way I never did even 3 years ago… and it’s fueled a personal interest that I now love being a part of.

Do you have a favorite piece(s) from the Pop Surf collection? 

I will live in the Neon Tide lycra long sleeve and Scooter Low rider combo all Australian Summer…

Many surfers have their own unique fashion sense outside of the water. How would you describe your personal style?

I don’t have a set style… I mix and match may favorite pieces. I look for quality pieces I can take on the road and can be worn either at the beach or at night – pieces that are casual but with flare. But I don’t know, it always changes… I would probably describe something different next week, so I guess freedom and comfort are key words for my style.

What would you say is your bigget fashion weakness (shoes, bags etc.)? 

Beauty products and accessories… I don’t put a price on quality creams and serums, or accessories that I love and won’t tire of quickly. Beautiful accessories are the easiest way to dress up while traveling.

As a pro surfer, you’re constantly jet-setting around the globe. Do the places you travel to inspire/influence your style? 

Sure they do. It’s more about the people you see in those places. There are some wonderful styles going on. I love meeting someone with killer style in a random part of the world. My memory bank is filling, perhaps google glasses are my answer 😉

The ESPY Awards are a great blend of fashion and sports, especially as more athletes have access to top designers. Can you talk about the outfit you wore to the awards and the process of choosing your look? 

I loved the summer Stella McCartney collection when I first saw it, the color pallet and shapes…. I was just waiting for an event to wear a piece.

You were also awarded the ESPY for “Best Female Action Athlete.” What advice do you have for young girls looking to succeed in your sport?

Never underestimate yourself, know that anything is possible, stay limitless in your mind. Work hard, set goals, and stay true to your own style in what you do as that has an importance of its own in ‘success’.

As a 5x World Champ, you’ve already achieved great success. What’s the next big goal you are looking to accomplish? 

Keep working hard at keeping it simple, see some success in other things I love doing and hopefully another world title.

What’s next for you on the competition front? 

Next up we head to Hossegor, France for take 2 of the ROXY Pro. Begins September 28th. Can’t wait to get back there!

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