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Lee-Ann Curren was born into a family of surfers. Though she’s the daughter of 3x ASP World Champion, Tom Curren, she’s developed a style and skill set all her own. Lee-Ann started competing relatively late, but the Biarritz native and Roxy brand ambassador has established herself as a rising star in European surfing. She’s already achieved success, having been crowned both European Junior Champion and 2x ASP European Champion.

Surfing is not the only thing that Lee-Ann has in common with her father, as her talents extend outside the water. When she’s not competing or training, Curren also has a passion for music. She’s currently touring the East Coast with her band, Betty The Shark, and describes their vibe as “Indie rock with a bit of surf music in it with guitar riffs.” For more on Lee-Ann’s band to listen to some of Betty The Shark’s music, visit here. To learn more about Lee-Ann, visit here.

A Glam Slam got Lee-Ann to dish on her surfing roots, her musical interests and her personal style. Check it out:

What was it like growing up in a surf-oriented family? Do you feel added pressure when competing, to represent the family?

Growing up in a surfing family is pretty cool because you get to all go surf together. We’re an instant crowd when we go to the beach (I have 4 brothers who surf as well)!

I didn’t really feel pressure to do well in surfing because my parents never pressured me, and I started competing relatively late, so I was conscious of the fact that I needed to have fun with surfing first of all.

What are some of the greatest lessons you’ve learned from your father?

I think he showed me you could make your dreams happen and how to be passionate about what you do.

Outside the sport, you’re also a musician. How did you develop an interest in music?

I guess growing up I listened to music all day and really wanted to make some. I had these little melodies in my head and I remember they were little kid’s songs and I was frustrated because I wanted to make pop songs but it just wouldn’t come to me. I started playing bass guitar in a band when I was 12 and my band mates taught me a little guitar, and my dad taught me as well.

Your band Betty The Shark is currently touring the East Coast. How would you describe the type of music you play?

I would describe it as Indie rock with a bit of surf music in it with guitar riffs. Me and my friend Philip are the two lead singers in the band. Philip also writes the songs. He’s really creative and adds something a little crazy to the band. The music and lyrics are weird at times but still pretty pop.

What are some other bands that are you enjoying lately?

I’ve been enjoying my friend’s band La Femme who just released an album. I’ve also been listening to Alt-J, Brian Jonestown Massacre and to Postal Service lately.

Is there a certain type of music/specific songs you like to listen to before competing?

It depends, usually if I’m tired I’ll listen to something fast or something that will amp me up like “I’m Not Sorry” from Cocknbullkid. If I’m very nervous I’ll listen to something relaxing.

Being from France, fashion is a large part of the culture. How would you describe your personal style?

My style is simple but maybe a little edgy. I’ll find cool pieces of clothes from Roxy, and I keep them forever. Throughout the years I’ve grown a good little collection. Every now and then I like to dress up and be very feminine.

What about the Roxy brand resonates with you?

It is the first brand that made surfwear for women, and I think they give women a cool, independent and healthy image so I’m happy to be part of the team. It is really fun to do trips and photoshoots with the brand and all the team gets along really well.

You’ve designed a capsule collection with Roxy in the past. Is there any chance you’d do that again?

Yes I designed a boardshort that was a denim-looking material I had fun doing that, and liked the shorts so hopefully I get to do it again in the future.

What’s coming up for you competition-wise?

The Roxy Pro in Biarritz, my hometown is coming up in July, so hopefully I get a spot in the trials, it should be a very fun event.

What are your top 3 favorite surf spots?

The south of France, Tahiti and Indonesia.

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