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The sneaker game has become a part of the competition for NBA players, both on and off-court. Many have an affinity for footwear, striving to amass the newest releases, player exclusives and limited-edition finds. Chicago Bulls guard, Rip Hamilton, recently took to twitter to showcase his Jordan collection. A collection that required two U-Haul trucks to move the footwear into his new home.

Also boasting an impressive collection of Jordan kicks is Hamilton’s teammate, Nate Robinson. Robinson’s Air Jordans were profiled in ESPN The Magazine. The Chicago Bulls guard offered a sneak peek at his massive collection, which certainly rivals that of Hamilton. Robinson has enough pairs of sneakers that he could wear different footwear for every game of the season. The shoe enthusiast has been collecting for quite awhile, as evident in the range of old-school kicks to new releases.

As told to ESPN:

“Michael Jordan was my Hercules, Zeus and Napoleon. When I was 7, my father bought me my first Air Jordans, the VIIs, and I cried right there in the mall. I own maybe 150 pairs of Jordans. My rarest one is the all-yellow IVs. One of the worst days of my life was when my brother, Anthony Stewart, broke into my closet last Summer and wore those IV’s before I’d rocked them myself.”

For the full ESPN feature and additional photos, visit here. To see Robinson’s collection beyond Jordans, check out Sole Collector’s three-part “Nate Robinson’s Sneaker Closet” video series. Below is a sampling of his 150+ collection.

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