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The 2013 Burton US Open recently took place at Vail Mountain in Colorado. The biggest event in snowboarding drew the sport’s best riders, who showcased record-breaking tricks, halfpipe skills, and their slope style. Fashion has become a huge part of the snowboarding world. Male and female competitors continued to display sleek on-course designs full of vibrant hues, bold patterns, technical fabrics, and a more streamlined fit.

Many riders work closely with their apparel sponsors to collaborate on special collections. They have input in the design process and as a result, fans get a glimpse into their personal style through their competitive gear. The Burton US Open was another trendsetting competition, worthy of its own sartorial highlights reel.

The snowboarding championships ran from February 25th – March 2nd and Burton riders Kelly Clark and Hannah Teter completed another competition with great success. Olympic gold medalist, Clark, took first place in the women’s halfpipe finals, making her the most awarded rider in Burton US Open history. She now has 61 halfpipe wins, the most for any rider, male or female, in snowboarding history. Kelly’s first place run can be viewed here. Fellow Burton Team Rider and Olympic gold medalist, Teter, took second place for her halfpipe run. Hannah’s run can be viewed here. For more information on all of the action/results, visit here.

A Glam Slam spoke with both Kelly and Hannah, who dished on fashion trends on the slopes, personal style, and their beauty picks. Check it out:

(photos courtesy of Adam Moran)

You’re constantly traveling to competitions like this one – what three items do you always have in your suitcase?

Kelly Clark: I always have my kindle with me, it is not nice to carry around heavy books. I travel with a small pillow that is never far from me. And my slippers.

Hannah Teter: No matter where I’m going, I always have essential oils, Shiseido Sunscreen, a GoPro camera, and a comfy Burton hoodie.

Fashion is a huge part of the snowboarding world and action sports apparel continues to evolve. What are some of the ways slope style has changed? Some of the biggest trends today?

KC: Snowboarding is a sport but it also has a culture that is a huge part of it. The biggest thing that has changed is that more people are having their individuality come out, we are not just under the basic snowboarder branding and image like we used to be.

HT: In general, I think fashion in snowboarding and action sports borrows just the right amount from the fashion world. Companies like Burton make amazing looking clothing and gear that are the ultimate in fit and function. Snowboarding style is not only on trend but it’s really come into its own style and on top of that, most pieces are incredibly technical and able to stand up in any conditions.

What about the Burton brand resonates with you? 

KC: Burton is a rider driven company. We have input from function to style. I don’t know of another company that is so invested and values the opinions of the riders like they do. That has been a cornerstone of the company’s success over the years.

HT: Burton embodies the essence of snowboarding. They are a truly rider driven company and give back to the snowboarding world more than any brand out there. 

How much creative input do you have? How do you integrate your personal style into your competitive gear

KC: We make sure the function and fit is there with the outerwear, and then make sure it is something that we would feel good wearing.

HT: Burton gives me a lot of input on products and designs. They listen to us as riders and implement our ideas into every single product that launches. I love to work with the team to build things that I can pour my experiences into – they allow me to push some of my sassiness into the designs which is super fun and gets my creative juices flowing.

Off-the-slopes, how would you characterize your wardrobe? Where do you find your style inspiration? 

HT: I guess I lean most toward hippy chic. I get my inspiration from across the board but love form fitting and playful styles.

Is there a rider, male or female, whose style you admire most? 

KC: It is hard to pick out just one person. I find more so than a person’s style, I like people who are comfortable with being themselves. There is room for creative expression in our culture and it is apparent in every ones personal style.

HT: I admire that Shaun is going for gold with his style. Style should be fun and I like what he’s doing with what he’s been wearing and in his line with Burton. As far as style in their riding – young Ayumu Hirano is totally insane to watch snowboarding. Check him out!

You’re often dealing with harsh weather elements. What beauty essentials do you pack for a day on the slopes? 

KC: I always have sunscreen. I like Shiseido, it doesn’t now wear off with activity or with all my layers and jacket.

HT: Shiseido’s range of sun protection/beauty products are incredible for the harsh outside elements as well as on the street.


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