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New York Giants linebacker Mathias Kiwankua and his newlywed wife, Tessa, hosted a shopping event at Calypso St. Barth on Madison Avenue yesterday. The couple assisted guests in finding last-minute gifts for the women in their lives, including luxury apparel and accessories from the brand’s boutique.

Mathias gifted his wife with a Jessica Barensfeld gold cuff from the Calypso St. Barth collection and the store featured some of Tessa’s favorite items and holiday picks including clutches, jewelry and clothing. She also wore the company’s leopard printed “Tacy Sequin Jumpsuit” for the evening. To grab some of their suggested gifts, visit and use the code gift25 for up to 25% off until December 23rd.

A Glam Slam caught up with Mathias to chat about his wife’s influence on his off-field style and his fashion-forward Giants teammates. Check it out:

The Giants are a fashionable group of guys off-the-field. If you could have one teammate serve as your own personal stylist, who would it be? 

That’s a tough one. There are a lot of guys who have great individual style. Martellus Bennett is one. Tryon definitely has style. Corey Webster and Antrel Rolle too. I’d probably go with Corey Webster. He can be casual or he can also be dressed up. He’s not too flashy but you always know he’s going to be well-dressed and he’s going to have nice shoes on and a nice belt. So I’d say Corey.

What about you? How would you characterize your personal style?

I’d say up-and-coming. Before I met my wife I used to just be a sweatpants, casual kind of guy. I like to keep colors in more of the earth tones. I’m starting to get into more fitted stuff. But jeans and a button down I think are always standard and put on a nice sport coat with it and it looks great. I think the color of your shoes actually ties a lot of things together. So I like a lot of different loafers.

What would you say is your biggest fashion weakness? Sneakers, suits etc.

Air Jordans. I think that’s standard for a lot of guys, especially from my generation, guys that grew up while Jordan was playing. You remember seeing him out there with those shoes on and how big of a deal it was that Friday when they came out. So that’s the one thing. But I might actually have more loafers than Jordans right now.

Is there anything about your style of dress that your wife particularly likes or dislikes?

Well she picks out most of the outfits when we’re going out so I think she likes everything that I wear. For dislikes, probably jeans. I wear jeans a lot and she wanted me to put on slacks today but I fought and won that battle, I put jeans on. She likes things that are really fitted. If she buys me a pair of pants they’re going to be a little too tight and she may argue about that, about how tight the pants are.

Switching gears to football for just a minute. The team is coming off a tough loss in Atlanta last weekend, at a crucial time in the season. What are you doing to prepare for Sunday’s game, as you work to secure a playoff berth?

We went in today, we sat there and we took all the corrections. Everybody listened throughout the meetings. I think the feedback not just from the coaches but from the players was really good. And it’s just back to business. Some people are going in tomorrow on their day off to watch film, to get ready. I mean we know this is a playoff game for us so the main thing that we’re doing right now is just studying extra hard. When Wednesday comes and it’s time for the physical part, we’ll start running harder and hitting harder and making sure everybody’s ready on that end. For right now it’s all about studying.


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