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Dressed in a tailored tux and accessorized with an Audemars Piguet wristwatch, Novak Djokovic covers the latest issue of Haute Living New York. The article, titled “Stroke of Pluck,” discusses the Serbian star’s childhood, his rise to the top on the tennis scene, his colorful on-court personality and becoming a star off-the-court. For the full piece, read on here.

Fashion is often a part of his off-court endeavors, with countless photo shoots under his belt and endorsement deals with brands like UNIQLO and Audemars Piguet.

At the conclusion of the 2011 Open, iconic luxury watchmaker Audemars Piguet named him brand ambassador. Though an exquisite timepiece would hinder Djokovic on the court, he’s quick to wear one of the company’s Royal Oak models the moment play ceases. Djokovic told us he and the Swiss company share the same values: “We both break the rules by first mastering them.”

Chris Bosh nabbed the cover of the latest issue of City & Shore magazine. The publication focuses on the off-court life of the Miami Heat forward. Art, food and books are highlighted as his interests outside the game and like many of his style-conscious teammates, fashion is also at the forefront. For the full piece, read on here. Below Bosh discusses his style game:

The clothes are a custom thing. When you have as distinctive a body as many professional athletes, you aren’t picking off the rack.

“I consider myself a situational dresser,” Bosh says. His wardrobe is extensive but he likes to “keep my options open.” Still, the change from Toronto, where he played his first seven years in the NBA, and the sub-tropical climate of Miami made a big difference.

“I like bright colors and styles with more flair and Miami really allows that. You can be a lot looser down here.”

He says being around fashion-conscious teammates like James and Wade makes it even more interesting.

“Yeah, one of those guys will come in wearing a new sweater and you’re like, whoa that’s nice, man. Where’d you get that?”


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