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Carmelo Anthony is one of the most fashion-conscious players in the NBA and since his move to New York, his style game has been on point. When it comes to his off-court clothing choices, the Knicks forward often turns to Rag & Bone and has developed a relationship with David Neville and Marcus Wainwright, the design duo behind the brand. Melo has cited Rag & Bone as one of his favorite fashion lines and has been seen sporting the brand’s threads on red carpets and sitting front row at their runway shows. Last year during the Fashion’s Night Out festivities, Melo and his wife, LaLa Anthony, co-hosted a party with the label’s founders at their Soho, NYC store.

In the latest issue of VMAN magazine, Melo sat down with the Rag & Bone designers for a style-centric interview and posed for an accompanying fashion shoot with photographer, Terry Richardson. The basketball star dished on his early interest in fashion, working on his new, Jordan Melo9 sneakers, advising his wife on her clothing and a future in fashion design. To check out the full VMAN piece, visit here. Here are a few excerpts:

On his first suit:

MW when did you get your first suit?
CA Aw man. I got my first suit when 1 was drafted [by the Denver Nuggets, in 2003].
MW You got your first suit when you went to the NBA draft?
CA That was my first suit

On developing his signature Jordans:

MW So you just go to Nike and say “This is my ultimate shoe” and they make it for you?
CA yeah, well, it’s a little bit difficult. We spend 10 months just coming up with ideas, fabrics—
MW you meet in Portland?
CA yeah, I go to Portland, I meet with them at least twice. Two, three times. we come up with some ideas. we think about what’s influential at the time, whether it’s cars, whether it’s clothing, whatever it may be. And I think about what’s going on in my life, and then we go from there. we pick the fabrics and the textures, see what’s lightweight and how light we can get the shoe, and then we draw it up. so it’s almost a 10-month process.

On his massive shoe collection:

DN so you’ve made nine shoes. That’s quite exciting. How many pairs of sneakers do you reckon you have?
CA Um, I don’t know. A couple thousand.
DN A couple thousand? I where are they?
CA when I lived in Denver, I had a whole basement room just for my shoes. There’s not that much space here in New York, so I keep them in storage.

(Jacket and pants: Salvatore Ferragamo; tank top: Calvin Klein)

(Suit and shirt: Dolce & Gabbana; pocket square: Brooks Brothers)

(Tank top: Calvin Klein)

(photos courtesy of VMAN)

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