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A basketball court in Tribeca, New York replaced the runway. ESPN’s Charissa Thompson added some glamour to the game for a photo shoot that married fashion and sports. A Glam Slam went behind-the-scenes for the shoot, which appears as the latest cover story for Lifestyle Mirror. The clickable fashion magazine provides a new way for consumers to discover styles and instantly shop them online.

Athletic-inspired fashion features have been popping up in magazines as of late and Lifestyle Mirror played with that theme. Shooting for style, Charissa hit the court in designer threads and accessories from Cushnie Et Ochs to Rolex to Manolo Blahnik. She was joined on court by Nike-clad Danny Green. Her stiletto heels didn’t stop her from engaging in some one-on-one ball and stretching with the San Antonio Spurs guard. To complete the shoot, this duo took their style off-the-court to the Warren 77 sports bar for a post-game wrap-up.

To check out the full cover story featuring Charissa, visit  A Glam Slam spoke to Thompson about her personal style, her new role at ESPN, hosting the ESPY Awards red carpet and her picks for the best-dressed sports stars:

Today we’ve seen you in fashions from Cushnie Et Ochs to Manolo Blahnik. Can you talk about your personal style?

“Street-chic. You’ll always find me in a pair of high-heels, pencil jeans, a funky t-shirt and a lot of accessories. Always a lot of bands and necklaces and things like that. More simplistic in dress with lots of accessories.”

Female fashion choices have become controversial topics in sports reporting (i.e. Hannah Storm, Ines Sainz). In a male-dominated profession, how do you find that balance between dressing feminine, yet appropriate?

“For me it depends on what show I’m working on but right now the show I’m working on is SportsNation and the style is whatever I want it to be. They want me to dress however I want. So I can wear ripped jeans and a random t-shirt or I can be in a black dress from Versace. I could wear absolutely anything on that show. I personally don’t like to wear really short, scandalous stuff, but if I wear a let’s say a short, black leather shirt, than I’ll wear a funky t-shirt and jewelry to try to down play it. So I either pick one or the other, have a tighter top and a looser bottom.”

You’ve recently taken on the role of permanent co-host on SportsNation. What’s your favorite part of working on the show?

“For me, it’s that you can literally just be yourself. There’s very little script, it’s an hour long, it’s a lot of entertainment guests, people like that. It’s very free-flowing and just a lot of reactionary kind of commenting. You can interview athletes and entertainers so it’s a good variety.”

ESPYs are an opportunity for athletes to showcase their fashion sense. Which athletes rank among your best-dressed?

“Hockey players have always been very well-dressed. Very tailored suits. You’re seeing in the NBA now a lot of original styles. We obviously saw a lot of the black, thick-rimmed glasses with the Heat making a big deal of it even in their celebratory parade at the end, doing a spoof on having those kind of retro glasses. But you’ll see a lot of flair from LeBron or from Dwyane Wade. Dwyane Wade is kind of his own trendsetter, so predominately fashion cuts through with the NBA players and the hockey players in that French style.”

You’ll be hosting the ESPYs red carpet this year and you’ve covered several red carpets in the entertainment world. How is the sport-themed ESPYs awards show different from others that you’ve covered/attended?

“For me personally, just living in the sports world, I find it a lot more entertaining for me to work on just because you get these athletes outside of their own element whereas entertainers and movie stars, they’re used to working the red carpet and walking the red carpet. So it’s funny to see athletes on the red carpet because they almost seem uncomfortable. Athletes are in their element when they’re on the field, on the court, in a hockey rink, so it sort of makes them uncomfortable when they have to be in a presentation house setting. I try to capitalize on that and at least make them laugh and have a good time.”

Will player fashions be a part of your red carpet coverage?

“Always, yes of course.”

Have you already decided on your ESPY Awards outfit?

“I haven’t decided what I’m going to wear yet, I’m supposed to have people pull a few looks and that’ll be my task for this week. [week of July 1]”

Check out these exclusive behind-the-scenes photos from Charissa’s Lifestyle Mirror shoot:

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