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Craig Sager never ceases to amaze fans with his outlandish clothing choices. Each game provides a forum for Sager to display another ensemble from his eclectic wardrobe. The long-time sideline reporter’s suits are often louder than the game’s cheering fans. He’s represented every color of the rainbow and celebrated every special occassion through his apparel and accessories. Often times his sartorial selections are not easy on the eyes, or the cameras, forcing him to adjust his fashion gameplan. “The only one [suit] they made me take off was at the All-Star game — a double silk from Versace. Gorgeous! Beautiful! But when the cameras came on, it just illuminated,” he told Esquire in a recent interview.

Sager recently engaged in a Q&A on the magazine’s website, sharing the story behind his flashy sideline fashions. He explained the origin of his unique sense of style, how he chooses (and adjusts) his suit selections, and getting slack from NBA players for his wardrobe choices. For the full interview, read on here. Below are a few excerpts:

On where he gets his clothes:

“Most of it is off the rack. I really like Stanley Korshak in Dallas, and in Miami, there’s my favorite Neiman Marcus. Isaia has a lot of really bright colors, and the Stefano Ricci shirts are great. I’m a 44 Long, so you’d be surprised by how much I get off the rack. All my shoes are from Friedman’s, in Atlanta. They stock shoes in any kind of animal — crocodile, ostrich, you name it. When Steve Irwin got killed by that stingray, I had a pair made from that. I call them The Revenge of Steve Irwin. Green, with kind of a seaweed kick to it. They’re the most comfortable shoes I’ve ever had. And when it rains, it feels like you’re sliding across the street.”

On Walt Frazier’s style:

“The one guy I can’t come close to competing with is Walt Frazier. Walt wears more animals than most zoos have.”

On how often he buys new clothes:

Continuously. Somebody came over once and counted my suits, and got up to 135. For this playoff run here, I have no idea how many new ones I’ll buy. It’ll be about 20 games, and I’ll probably buy five or eight, maybe a couple of others. If I’ve worn something before, I’ll change the buttons or wear a different shirt. People say I never wear the same thing twice, but I’m not that egotistical. They just haven’t seen me wear the same thing twice. I try not to wear the same thing through the course of the season, though.”

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