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In 2005 NBA commissioner, David Stern, implemented a mandatory dress code for all players giving the NBA a much-needed makeover. Since the sartorial standards took effect, players have stepped up their style game and fashion has become an integral part of NBA culture. Post-game appearances evolved from a fashion free-for-all into fashion showcase. In the time since, a growing list of NBA stars ditched the hip-hop inspired threads in favor of desginer suits that are immecably tailored, and feature unexpected mixes of colors, patterns and accessories.

GQ magazine has compiled a list of “The Most Stylish NBA Players of All Time.” Though a few players are recognized for their 70’s swagger, most of the list includes today’s stars. They are all fashionistos in their own right, but with distinctively different styles. Here’s the full list of athletes who made the cut. What do you think?

1. Walt “Clyde” Frazier: Walt still remains an NBA style icon, causing buzz among fans each time he steps out on the sidelines. His over-the-top fashions are the epitome of cool, just as they were in his playing days.

2. LeBron James: James was given one of fashion’s highest honors when he graced the cover of Vogue magazine back in 2008. Though some of his “decisions” have been questionable, his style rarely falters.

3. Dwyane Wade: Wade has long been a trendsetter and a risk-taker, constantly pushing fashion boundaries. He’s landed on countless best-dressed lists and in a Sports Illustrated poll taken last year, he was voted by his NBA peers as the player with the best sense of style.

4. Kevin Durant: Durant managed to turn a school backpack into a fashion statement, a pretty impressive feat. He’s taken the NBA’s “nerdy chic” style trend to a whole new level.

5. Chris Bosh: Bosh’s style sense has evolved as of late, which is no surprise. He’s had to keep pace with fashion-forward teammates LeBron and Dwyane Wade.

6. Derek Fisher: Acccording to GQ, “Fisher’s grown-up wardrobe lays a foundation for his reputation as a grown-up leader of the petulant young millionaires that are the NBA; expect him on a stylish coaches list someday soon.”

7. Pete Maravich: The magazine calls Maravich “hoops’ original hipster.”

8. Amar’e Stoudemire: Since moving to New York, Amar’e has made a name for himself among the fashion elite. He’s often spotted front row at Fashion Week and has become Vogue editor-in-chief Anna Wintour’s latest athlete muse. Stoudemire even released his own women’s clothing collection together with designer, Rachel Roy.

9. Carmelo Anthony: Like his teammate Amar’e, Carmelo has also become a front row Fashion Week fixture in New York and Milan. He too, has caught the eye of Wintour, appearing in both Vogue and Vogue Italia in the last year.

10. Dwight Howard: Howard’s sense of style is often more causal than the other players on this list. But he does well in finding fits that suit his large frame.

11. Kobe Bryant: With the exception of his infamous all-white fashion photoshoot for L.A. Times Magazine, Bryant succeeds on the fashion front.

12. The Fab Five: Unlike the rest of the list, The Fab Five made the cut for their on-court style. The Michigan team changed the NBA fashion landscape with their trademark black socks and baggy uniforms. The paved the way for what we see on the harwood today.

13. Chris Paul: Paul falls under the radar with looks that are more subdued, but he has a keen eye for style.

14. Derrick Rose: Rose is quickly rising in the NBA style ranks. The 23-year old covers the current issue of GQ and he was also tapped to front ESPN Magazine’s “Style Report” issue last year.

15. Wilt Chamberlain: The 70’s swag, it’s undeniable.

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  1. Charmaine butler says:

    I think John Salmons is one of the most stylish in the nba ever. He is overlook at time but check him out and you will see.

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