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The San Francisco 49ers and Baltimore Ravens fell just short of a trip to Super Bowl XLVI. Though brothers and rival head coaches, Jim and John Harbaugh, suffered tough losses, the big game will still be sweet for their NFL wives. Two of football’s first ladies, Sarah and Ingrid Harbaugh, have teamed up with Skinny Cow Candy just in time for Super Bowl weekend.

A Nielsen Company survey found that nearly 70% of American women will watch the biggest football game of the season this year. With more females tuning in, Skinny Cow Candy’s offerings are an ideal option for fans looking to create a healthier gametime menu. The sister-in-laws and self-proclaimed chocoholics are helping to spread the word about the lower-calorie treats. For more information on offerings like the Dreamy Clusters and Heavenly Crisps, check out

Sarah and Ingrid have also added a charitable component to this partnership. They helped to design 25 custom-made, limited-edition Skinny Cow Candy Bowls currently up for auction on through February 5th. All proceeds will go to CureSearch for Children’s Cancer, a Harbaugh family charity.

Both wives have been highly visible in the NFL world making them an ideal choice for the Skinny Cow brand. The Harbaughs made headlines when the Ravens and 49ers faced off this season, a time the ladies explained as, “It was really stressful. We didn’t want either team to win or lose.” When they weren’t rooting on their teams, they were facing off in this year’s rivalry-themed NFL women’s apparel campaign. A Glam Slam sat down with Sarah and Ingrid to discuss the Skinny Cow partnership, Super Bowl plans and their gametime wardrobes. Check it out:

Can you talk about your involvement with Skinny Cow? How did this partnership come about?

SH: We both love chocolate and when we tasted the Skinny Cow Candy we knew wanted to help represent the brand. They came to us, and we’re focused on the big game coming up and we’re both related to football so it was a perfect fit for us. It’s neat because the candy is a great alternative to the sweet snacks that women crave. It makes me feel more at ease with planning a party now that I have lighter alternatives to the food we normally eat.

IH: We were honored to have them ask for our support. We’ve always loved the Skinny Cow ice cream and now the candy is delicious. It was an easy sell for us, a no-brainer.

Have you always been football fans or did your interest in the sport develop after becoming NFL wives?

IH: I met my husband when I was 18 and he was 22. I was always into sports but that’s when we first met and it was football ever since. I’ve always liked the game anyway and we’ve always had some sort of party for sure for the Super Bowl. But I’ve been a fan for a long time.

This must be a tough time since the Ravens and 49ers came so close to the Super Bowl. Will you and your husbands watch the game? Or is a Super Bowl celebration out of the question?

SH: We’re going to try to watch because it is such a special day in football and now we have this partnership to celebrate along with it. Obviously the stress isn’t going to be high because we’re not in it, so we’ll try to enjoy it with family and friends. My husband probably won’t watch it but we will.

Can you share some of your top Super Bowl party planning tips?

IH: When you think of usual football fare, it’s salty foods like chicken wings and pizza. We’ve put together a different plan. Just like football, first create a playbook for yourself. Tell yourself, I’m going to go to the store today and not wait until Saturday when everything’s slim-pickens. My suggestion would be to have some friends over and make it a potluck. Have them bring their favorite appetizer or main dish and split up the responsibilities between quarters. And then in the 4th quarter, we now have the Skinny Cow Candy as a guilt-free chocolate dessert. It’s nice and light to eat at 120 calories or less, especially for us women who love chocolate.

As wives, you attend and watch countless football games throughout the season and you both appeared in the NFL women’s apparel campaign this year. What do you think of the league’s new women’s offerings? How would you describe your gameday style?

SH: With the NFL women’s apparel they’re putting a little more bling into things and making it cater more to women. You’re not wearing your husband’s small stuff anymore. I like to represent the team that I’m rooting for a little bit and then do it up in other ways. Accessorizing is a great way to make it fun, especially for the Super Bowl because it is just one day. It’s a big game and a good time to show off who you’re rooting for.

IH: And the NFL apparel has made everything to fit a woman. It’s a woman’s shape, it’s cut for us, it’s tailored for us and it’s not a big jersey anymore. It’s not just t-shirts either. It’s amazing all of the things that they have and the ways you can accessorize. I say definitely support your team whether just by wearing team colors or with the team logo.

Without any football games to attend or watch each weekend, how will you spend the off-season? What’s it like having your husbands around full-time?

IH: [Laughs] We’re really kind of boring. They would never make a reality show out of us, we’d have no ratings. I think now it’s just about more quality time with our hubands and kids. We’re still doing our mom jobs and everything like that. They’re still busy and we’re still busy but at least dad can be home for dinner.

SH: This is our first year so I’m going to figure out what the off-season is like. So far it’s been a little challenging because you go from not seeing them at all and then they’re there wanting to know what we’re doing for the day. He’s [Jim] kind of lost but getting acquainted with it too. But I’m looking forward to it because we’re going to have more time, hopefully, in the NFL than we did in college. It’ll definitely be interesting.

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