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As the wife of former Baltimore Orioles catcher, Chris Hoiles, sports have long been a part Dana Hoiles’ lifestyle. Attending countless Major League Baseball games and supporting the athletic pursuits of her three sons inspired Hoiles to dabble in sports-themed jewelry design.

As fashionable female fan gear options continued to grow, accessories were still lacking. Hoiles explained, “I refused to wear baseballs from my ears and actually call them earrings.” Instead she looked to create jewelry that was classic in design and versatile enough to transition wearers from gametime to their post-game activities. The result is a collection of stylish, sports-minded jewelry that is made to match fans’ love of the game.

Hoiles’ pieces celebrate a wide variety of sports including basketball, soccer, hockey, golf, volleyball and lacrosse. Unique silhouettes such as the “Heart with Baseball Stitch” necklace characterize the line, which Hoiles has dedicated to fashion and sports enthusiasts. Pieces are handmade and can be customized to create a look that truly fits the wearer.

Hoiles designs are an ideal addition to any gametime wardrobe and have become a hit among MLB wives. To view the full collection, visit www.danahoiles.com. A Glam Slam spoke with Dana about her sports-themed jewelry line. Check it out:

When and why did you begin designing sports-themed jewelry?

I began designing jewelry in 2009…being the mother of 3 aspiring athletes I knew there was a need for less obnoxious and fashion forward sports jewelry. I refused to wear baseballs from my ears and actually call them earrings!

Companies have made great strides in creating fashion-forward team apparel, yet stylish accessories haven’t necessarily followed suit. Was it difficult to gain interest in your products?

Absolutely not!!! The First thing women say to me when they see my designs is, “THANK YOU!!”  I am currently selling my jewelry in the main gift shop at Camden Yards, and a couple different Minor League Parks.  My designs are addictive and I am hoping to have other ball parks follow in suit with Camden Yards!!

Your pieces are void of team logos, colors etc. What was the reasoning behind that?

Actually, I do color coordinate several of my pieces, but as for using professional team logos I am somewhat against it only because I like to consider my jewelry versatile. In other words, I want women to be able to wear my designs at a Professional game then later to their son’s high school game, or even little league game. My jewelry will actually grow with you and your loved ones.

Does your husband, former Baltimore Orioles catcher Chris Hoiles, offer any input on the designs you create?

No, not really. I will ask him if he can see the “sport” in my design, but I never ask him to help me design an actual piece.

For MLB wives who must dress for several games each season, this collection seems like a perfect addition to their gametime attire. Have you shared your jewelry with other baseball wives?

YES! I have had several MLB wives and their daughters, former and current, wear my designs such as Mike Mussina’s wife, Curt Schilling, Matt Wieters and Brian Roberts. You can view their testimonials on my website, www.danahoiles.com.

Though it seems baseball was your primary inspiration, do you have other sports pieces in the line?

Of course, I am in love with my football designs. I also have Lacrosse, Volleyball and Ice Hockey.  My collection is for the sports women, not just the baseball women.

Do you have any plans to expand beyond jewelry?

Would love to! I do have a couple t-shirt designs and ball caps, but I want to spread my wings even further and have a complete apparel/accessory line. Blankets, bags, etc…

Do you have a favorite piece form the collection?

ALL OF THEM! They are all my babies!!!

As the wife of a former player and mother of athletic boys, you must have attended countless games yourself. How would you describe your gameday style?

Simple…jeans, hoodie, ball cap, converse sneakers, and a piece of jewelry from the Dana Hoiles Collection!!

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