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The Minnesota Gophers will have a new look when the team takes the field for the 2012 season-opener on September 1st, against UNLV. College teams have continued to push fashion boundaries as it relates to their uniforms, a concept most evident in Maryland’s bold stylings from Under Armour last season. Countless uniform combinations, trendy details and bright color schemes debuted each week, turning the field into a runway. After a 2011 season that centered around this uniform craze, many expected the Gophers to introduce their own set of over-the-top football threads. But Minnesota’s newly-designed Nike uniforms will not follow suit.

The Gophers’ gridiron gear will come from the Nike Pro Combat system of dress. Pro Combat gear first debuted in 2010 and the innovative, futuristic uniform stylings typically result in mixed reactions from fans. Nike stuck with a simpler, classic look for Minnesota with designs influenced by the team’s rich history and tradition. According to the official site of the Gophers, special details include:

“Nike used a number four found on a 1940 jersey worn by the National Champion Gophers and built an entire letter and number font, which is exclusive to Gopher Football.

Brick patterns and texture are also prominent in some of the design elements. Jersey numbering and lettering on the white and gold jerseys will be printed with a brick pattern, which was taken directly from one of the walls of Memorial Stadium, which is on display at the McNamara Alumni Center. Meanwhile, the finish of the new helmets was designed to simulate the look of brick.

The Minnesota name on the front of the jersey has been replaced by the Block M. The maroon and white jerseys feature each player’s name on the back, while the gold tops simply say “Minnesota” on the back, serving as another reminder that Gopher football is Minnesota’s team. Piping is gone from the pants, while a Block M on the hip has been added.”

The mix and match concept is present much like we saw with Maryland, though there are far fewer combinations. The Gophers gridiron options will include maroon, white and gold jerseys that can be paired wih maroon, white or gold pants. Check it out:

Watch the video below for a closer look at the Gophers 2012 uniforms:

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