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College football uniforms, signature sneaker debuts, stylish endorsements and athlete/designer collaborations were all part of the 2011 sports fashion landscape. Last year, A Glam Slam compiled the fashion Hits” and “Swings & Misses” of 2010, encompassing the best, worst, most buzzed about and most controversial sports fashion moves of the year. The new year brings a new list and A Glam Slam has 2011 covered. Here are the “Hits” and “Swings and Misses” in no particular order:


Sports Stars Take Over Fashion Week

Sports reigned supreme at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in New York, as athletes staked their claim among the style elite. NY Knicks Amar’e Stoudemire and Carmelo Anthony and NY Ranger Brad Richards, joined other sports style icons like LeBron James to observe new fashion trends for the upcoming season. The athletes replaced celebrities as front row fixtures at runway shows, and they continued to serve as muses for fashion’s most influential players like Vogue editor-in-chief Anna Wintour.

Ryan Moore Rocks A Hoodie at the British Open

Men’s golf fashions continued to evolve in 2011 with no shortage of sartorial surprises. A controversial style selection came from Ryan Moore. He often serves as a talking point for golf fashion and the British Open was no different. Moore caused a stir when he hit the course in a striped hoodie. Moore wears what he wants and his reasoning for choosing the hoodie was simple: he liked how it looked. A Glam Slam did too.

Lance Briggs’ 9/11 Uniform Tribute

September 11th tributes were numerous and some made it onto the football field. Chicago Bears linebacker, Lance Briggs, wore specially designed cleats and gloves from Reebok to honor the day. The patriotic accessories featured red, white and blue hues and taglines including “Never Forget 9.11.2001.” The NFL has strict dress codes and though Briggs’ 9/11 gear would typically be a uniform violation, the league let this one slide.

Steve Nash Suits Up With Indochino

Athlete and fashion collaborations can be hit or miss. Steve Nash for Indochino was the former. The Phoenix Suns point guard co-collaborated with the company on a collection of apparel and accessories. In addition to his design role, he also became an investor in the brand. Nash resonates with the Canadian-based company’s consumers and he’s worked with the brand for several years as part of his philanthropic efforts. His custom suits were unique, stylish and affordable for the average male, and the company revealed that he was one of the best models they had ever worked with.

Camo Unis for the Carrier Classic

Bold uniform stylings were a hot topic in college sports in 2011 and one basketball game in particular generated fashion buzz. Camouflage uniforms have a tendency to land on worst-dressed lists but North Carolina and Michigan State broke that mold. Both teams added military-themed flair to the hardwood with their school-colored, camo-style apparel for the Carrier Classic. The game was played on the flight deck of the United States Navy Aircraft Carrier USS Carl Vinson in San Diego, to recognize the service of our Armed Forces. The uniforms had details including “U.S.A.” on the backs of the jerseys, instead of players’ names.

Robert Griffin III’s “Super” Socks

This year’s Heisman Trophy ceremony had it’s share of fashion statements but none as popular Heisman Trophy-winning Baylor quarterback Robert Griffin III’s Superman socks, complete with a red cape. RGIII’s socks caused a style frenzy forcing Bioworld Merchandise, the company who makes them, to produce more. Fans also took to ebay to purchase the socks, which sold for over $200.

Nike’s Personalized Kicks

Across sports, each new season produces signature shoes with custom colorways and taglines to honor the wearer. Nike took the personalization process to a different level in 2011. Weatherman-wannabe and Oklahoma City Thunder, Kevin Durant, debuted a shoe that mimiced a Dopplar Radar and received airtime on The Weather Channel. Seattle Seahawk Marshawn Lynch’s post-touchdown Skittles tradition made it’s way into a sweet pair of football cleats. And Oregon’s “Pit Crew” student section received specially-designed sneakers of their own.

Fashion for a Good Cause: “We Back Pat” Tees

Pat Summit, beloved University of Tennessee women’s basketball coach, announced that she had early-onset dementia. In honor of Summit, the University of Tennessee Athletics Department launched a new campaign called “We Back Pat,” a program to benefit Alzheimer’s Tennessee and UT Medical Center. “We Back Pat” t-shirts were created and became a national fashion statement. The $10 tees were said to be the #1 selling item in the University bookstore’s history.

Women’s World Cup Makes Men Want to Wear Female Athletes on their Backs

The U.S. women’s national soccer team won the hearts of Americans during the Women’s World Cup. Male fans joined the bandwagon but struggled with ways to show their support. Many wondered why women could buy men’s jerseys but there were no male versions of women’s jerseys. Because of this void, men created customized jerseys to honor their favorite players.

(photo via The Wall Street Journal)

Fan-Inspired Gametime Gear

Sports fans are not only passionate about their team’s style of play but their style of dress. Typically fans don’t participate in uniform re-design but the Ottawa Senators and the Los Angeles Dodgers let them in on the design process. The Senators wore a special Heritage uniform created by a fan and the Dodgers allowed their fan base to choose the throwback threads that they wore for six games last season.


Maryland’s Many, Many Uniforms

The 2011 college football regular season was marked by BCS shake-ups, NCAA scandals and Maryland’s new Under Armour uniforms. The team unveiled 16 different uniform combinations, each becoming a topic of conversation among fans and media. The “Pride” version, inspired by Maryland’s state flag, made many fans fashion critics. A Glam Slam did not give the Terps’ new uniforms a passing grade.

Bethanie Mattek-Sands Goes Gaga

During the most conservative Grand Slam, Wimbledon, Bethanie Mattek-Sands wore a white fringe tennis ball jacket pre-match and a neon-green tennis-inspired gown for the Pre-Wimbledon Party. Her outfits were compared to Lady Gaga which was perfectly on point because the singer’s designer, Alex Noble, helped create the attire. Despite her fashion faux pas, Mattek will continue to serve up more crazy styles in future events.

Old Navy and Victoria’s Secret Sell Inaccurate College Tees

Retailers like Old Navy and Victoria’s Secret unveiled collegiate apparel lines this year, which was a win for females looking for university-specific, fashion-forward fan gear. Unfortunately, the companies failed to check for accuracy. Old Navy didn’t make it to the head of the class due to grammatical errors. College tees first debuted with the phrase “Lets Go!!” with no apostrophe. A second error followed when the company printed the wrong founding years for colleges including Colorado and Arizona. The Victoria’s Secret failure came when it sold a Michigan State Spartans tee that read “Hail to the Victors,” which is a line in the University of Michigan’s fight song, “The Victors.”

San Francisco Giants’ Broadcasters “Loud” Jackets

The San Francisco Giants broadcasters, Michael Krukow and Duane Kuiper, took a page out of the Craig Sager style handbook during a game last season. They sported argyle patterned jackets in brown and orange hues, with shiny gold ties and white and brown dress shirts. The “loud” ensembles seen on Kruk and Kuip’s were not as easy on the eyes as McCovey Cove in San Francisco Bay.

Brian Wilson’s Spandex ESPY’s Tuxedo

The ESPY awards are an opportunity for sports stars to showcase their red carpet styles. Despite the many sleek suits and gorgeous gowns that were seen last Summer, it was Brian Wilson’s spandex tuxedo that stole the spotlight. The skin-tight onsie was accessoried with a pair of high-top sneakers, “Ninja socks,” white gloves and a walking stick. Wilson’s comedic take on formal attire was certainly entertaining but it left too little to the imagination.

Antonio Garay’s Garish Grooming

With strict uniform guidelines, NFL players are limited in their forms of on-field personal expression. For San Diego Chargers nose tackle, Antonio Garay, his colorful personality was reflected in his colorful facial and hair designs. The wild head/beard combos changed often, with new colors and designs. While A Glam Slam doesn’t discount his great attention to detail and his ability to embrace being different, the Dennis Rodman-inspired looks were a personal foul.

Golfers Buckle Up with Branded Accessories

The branded belt buckle fad has been present on the golf course in recent years and many credit Anthony Kim, known for his bedazzled and initialed belts, for encouraging the adornments. 2011 showed a wide range of players, male and female, supplementing their outfits with the oversized, flashy branded belt buckles.

(photo via Golf Digest)

Tim Tebow “Jesus” Fashions

Tim Tebow has never shied away from sharing his religious beliefs. The Denver Broncos quarterback was seen often knelt in prayer on the field, which led to a phenomenon known as “Tebowing.” The Tebow craze also sparked a fashion debate. Fans created custom jerseys featuring “Jesus” on the back. Some saw this as a controversial form of expression and deemed the gear blasphemous.

Serena Williams’ Bubblegum Pink Bodysuit

A string of injuries kept Serena Williams off the court and out of tournament play for part of last year. When she finally returned for a practice session, she wore a skin-tight, bubblegum-colored spandex bodysuit. Here’s hoping this trend stays far away from tournament play in 2012.

Notre Dame’s Psychedelic Shamrock Helmets

Several teams altered their helmets throughout the college football season but Notre Dame’s shamrock headgear stood out. The gaudy, 24-karat gold leaf helmets featured a headache-inducing background design and an oversized green shamrock. The Irish are known for sporting a simple, shiny golden dome, a style that wins.

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