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With an impressive resume that already includes pro-wrestler, Baltimore Ravens cheerleader, model, actress and top three finalist on “Dancing with the Stars,” there isn’t much that Stacy Keibler hasn’t accomplished. Fitness has been an integral part of Keibler’s entire career and her dedication to staying in shape is evident in her enviable figure, especially those famously long legs.

Keibler is a force when it comes to fitness and believes in the importance of staying active. To further support the cause, she joined New York Giants wide receiver, Victor Cruz, to celebrate the launch of Ubisoft’s new “Your Shape Fitness Evolved 2012” game for Kinect. It’s a convenient and effective way to work out in the comfort of your own home, with a wide variety of options tailored to specific fitness needs. Users can get fit their own way, from customizable experiences targeting different muscle groups, to dancing their way into shape.

Keibler showed off the program at the New York Health & Racquet Club and even took some time to bust a move with Cruz, as the two practiced his trademark salsa-inspired touchdown dance. A Glam Slam caught up with Stacy as she dished on the new video game, her top fitness tips and Baltimore Ravens football. Check it out:

Can you talk about your involvement with this program and some of your favorite features?

I think it’s such a great game because it basically gives you a trainer in your living room. You can work out in the comfort of your own home. For someone that may be a little intimidated about going to a gym or maybe you don’t have time to go to a gym, this has over 90 hours of activity, so you have everything from cardio boxing, yoga, dancing and you can specialize every body part, like just focusing on legs, so it has something for everyone.

You have a shape that many women envy. Can you share some of your top fitness secrets, especially for someone with little time to workout?

My trainer actually gave me a tip one time, that if you only have 30 minutes to get something in, you should do something where you’re building muscle mass, whether lunges, crunches, dips, push-ups, all that kind of stuff. If you have 15 minutes I would say go jump rope. If you have 30 minutes, I would try to do some jumping rope or jumping jacks in between those other exercises I just mentioned because you’ll be burning calories even after your workout because your muscles are repairing. You’re not just burning the calories you would during cardio, you continue for hours burning more calories. So you get a little bit of a better workout.

Which fitness regime would you say was more challenging: pro-wrestling or “Dancing with the Stars?”

They are so different. I feel both were equally challenging. I feel that “Dancing with the Stars” was such a crash course of learning the dances and the styles so fast and it was a lot on your body in a couple of months, where WWE is not really something that your body is designed to do, to be taking falls like that. So that’s more learning how to protect yourself and be more of an acrobat kind of. So they’re just both extremely different and both are extremely hard.

With regards to fitness apparel, what do you like to work out in?

I don’t really like big sweatpants that are going to get in my way of doing lunges and I do a lot of stuff where I have resistance bands on my ankles and it just makes it a little too difficult when you have loose sweatpants on. I prefer things that are a little more form-fitting.

You also served as a Baltimore Ravens cheerleader. What do you think about the Ravens chances this season?

It has been an exciting season, I have to admit. Some games they’ve played amazing and then the next week it looks like a totally different team out there, so sometimes I feel that they’re a little inconsistent, but I feel that this has been a really fun season to be a fan. I just went home for a game and I’m a die-hard Ravens fan so I’m excited for the team no matter how they do.

You have plenty of dance experience as a cheerleader and with ‘Dancing with the Stars’ and you’re here today with Giants WR Victor Cruz. Have you seen his trademark touchdown dance and how would you rate it?

Yes I did. I love it! I think it’s adorable.

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