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After spending most of the 2010 season on injured reserve, New York Giants wide receiver, Victor Cruz, has quickly emerged as a breakout player and has become an integral part of the team’s success. The Paterson, New Jersey native is on pace to shatter multiple franchise records, including Amani Toomer’s single-season record of 1,343 yards receiving. After plenty of trips to the endzone this season, Cruz’s dancing skills have received almost as much praise as his football skills. He learned his trademark salsa-inspired touchdown dance from his grandmother and it has become such a hit, that even his Cowboys competitor, Dez Bryant, has crafted a celebratory salsa routine of his own. Cruz’s on-field flair translates off the-field as well, when it comes to his sense of style. With an affinity for sneakers and his own clothing line, he’s one to watch on the NFL fashion front.

A Glam Slam caught up with Cruz at the New York Health & Racquet Club, where he was promoting Ubisoft’s new game for Kinect, “Your Shape Fitness Evolved 2012.” The program features revolutionary motion tracking technology, providing users with feedback specific to their body type. With over 90 hours of activities to choose from, workouts can be tailored to personal fitness levels, goals and schedules.

Cruz took time to demo the new video game and discussed his season thus far with the Giants, his fitness regimen and his growing Jordan sneaker collection. Check it out:

Since we are here celebrating Ubisoft’s new “Your Shape Fitness Evolved 2012” game, can you talk about the program and how you incorporate it into your own fitness regimen?

This program is great because you can do it from the comfort of your own home. There’s up to 90 hours of fitness workouts on this thing. There is everything from hip hop dancing to cardio to different section workouts like abs and glutes and lower body and upper body, so there are tons of workouts that you can choose from. It gives me an alternative to working out as opposed to going into the gym and going into the facility and doing that grueling workout everyday. It’s something that I can do from home and something that’s nice and easy.

How does your fitness routine change during the off-season?

After the season I take a little break and then once I get back in the mix, I just kind of put myself through it all again, to build myself back up and keep my stamina high. My off-season workout is very intense so this will help me on those days that I don’t want to go to the trainer or don’t want to leave my house. I can just sit home and do some of these workouts.

All of this working out must help to keep you in shape for your trademark salsa-inspired touchdown dance?

[Laughs] A little bit. There is actually a Latin portion in here that has the salsa and it’s pretty hard so yes, I’ll be using it to keep my moves sharp.

While we’re talking dancing, can we expect to see you carry the torch of pro football players participating and winning on “Dancing with the Stars?”

Probably not, I don’t think that’s my calling, at least not yet anyway. But down the line or when I’m done playing, if it’s still around, maybe I’ll get to it.

How did it feel to pull off that Giants win against the Cowboys on Sunday?

It was definitely a great win for us. We needed it coming off a four game losing streak, we needed something to kind of get our morale back up and get our confidence back together. We understand that these games are huge going down the stretch of the regular season and we have to play well and I feel like we did the start of that this week and we’ll continue that for the rest of the season.

Rumor has it you actually grew up as a big Cowboys fan. Did that make this win even sweeter?

Yes, I was a Cowboys fan growing up so it was extra sweet to go there and for that being my first time being there, to go in and get a “W” and play well and play in front of 90,000 people, it was just amazing.

After being on injured reserve last season, you’ve had a breakout year and you’re on pace to break franchise records. What has been the key to your success this season?

I think it’s just staying focused every week and not letting the good stuff kind of get in your head. I just stay focused and understand that the job isn’t done. You know, your overall goal is to make it to the playoffs and make it to the Super Bowl and once you accomplish that, then you can kind of take a breather before you get ready to do it all over again next year. So this year has been an adventure for me and it’s not over yet so I’m excited for what’s to come.

Switching gears to the fashion front, off-the-field you are a real sneaker fiend. Can you talk about that?

I am, I am a sneaker fiend admittedly and I love Jordans. I try to get as many pairs as I can, my favorite ones, mainly because as a child I wasn’t fortunate enough to buy them because they were $100+ and my mom being a single mom, I wasn’t able to get them. So now, I try to get as many as I can and I try to get them as early as I can. So yes, I’m a pretty avid sneaker person.

How many pairs do you have?

I just started my Jordan collection mainly last year, so I have about 40-50 pairs of sneakers right now. So hopefully that can continue to grow. I’m probably going to have to start to get my own little room for them soon, so that could be a task.

While we’re on the subject of fashion, can you talk about your clothing line, Young Whales?

The line is called Young Whales, it’s on youngwhales.bigcartel.com and it’s something that I started with my friend Nate Collins, defensive lineman for the Jacksonville Jaguars. We were just tired of paying all this money for designer shirts and things like that so we woke up one day and decided to start our own. We kind of brainstormed on the name and it’s doing well. We have a lot of fans, we plug it on twitter often. It’s getting some great feedback and a lot of the fans really love the stuff, so hopefully we can get it to grow from there, but it’s doing well so far.

The Young Whales line currently includes a variety of t-shirts, baseball tees, crewneck sweatshirts and hoodies. The gear features logos like an interlocking “YW” or a cartoon whale wearing a top hat and holding a sack of money. The company name is a play on words (a high roller in the casino industry is referred to as a “whale”) and most designs incorporate the gambling theme. Below is a preview of the Young Whales (@YoungWhales) offerings and you can pick up the gear here.

(YW Logo Tee – $28; The Letterman Baseball Tee – $34)

(The Pokerchips Crewneck – $59; Flashy Tee – $28)

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