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Athletes recognize the importance of establishing their “brand” and these days, fashion is a popular route to take. A wide spectrum of sports pros have made a name for themselves within the industry, in areas such as modeling and design. Where basketball is concerned, Amar’e Stoudemire, Steve Nash and John Wall are just a few of the NBA players who have recently introduce new clothing collections. And now, even college athletes are getting in on the action. Jonathan Benjamin is a junior point guard for the Richmond Spiders and the creator of Official Visit ActiveWear apparel.

Once making the transition to the NBA, an athletes’ wardrobe will likely receive a major upgrade. But Benjamin wanted to give his college friends a fashion overhaul now, so he created a clothing line this past Summer. He told The Collegian, “A lot of us like to get dressed up. When we go to class we look tired in our sweats, and I want to help athletes across the country with our day-to-day wear.”

The concept is one that blends fashion and sports in a unique way. The “Official Visit” portion of the brand name was actually inspired by the sports recruitment process. Benjamin hopes his clothing will provide the same feelings of comfort and confidence for buyers, that many athletes would have after being recruited to a top university. “My whole catchphrase is ‘The Best Fit,’” Benjamin said. “Even if you’re not a student athlete, but just someone trying to make sure the next situation is the best fit for them. …I want my clothes to be for anyone that has goals they are trying to reach.”

The idea also expands into the apparel itself. According to The Collegiate, “the tank tops that feature “OVAW” in blue and white stripes were inspired by the colors of the Orlando Magic, the professional team that recruited Justin Harper, a former Richmond player.”

Benjamin’s most loyal customers at the moment are of course his teammates, who can be seen sporting the shirts, tanks, hats and bracelets that make up the collection. To take it one step further, he has added a charitable component to the line, as 20% of each sale is donated to St. Joseph’s Villa, an organization that helps youth and families by caring for kids in crisis.

For more on the Official Visit ActiveWear collection, visit here. Here’s a closer look at some of the offerings:

(Photos via The Collegian; Official Visit ActiveWear facebook page)

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