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Nike first unveiled Pro-Combat uniforms in 2009 and since the debut of the new system of dress, the gear has received mixed reactions from fans across the participating schools. As the upcoming season approaches, Georgia is the latest school to showcase their new Pro-Combat style, to be worn during the “Chick-Fil-A” kickoff game on September 3rd against Boise State. While fans are once again weary of the on-field fashions, players seem to approve of their new look.

“When the players saw it, they liked it and that’s the big thing,” said Bulldogs Coach Mark Richt. “And it’s a special game. It’s not what we would call a traditional uniform but it’s not a traditional game either. That’s kind of why we did it.”

The Nike unis feature a predominately red design; a red jersey, red pants, black belt and black socks in Pro-Combat signature style. A silver helmet with a wide red stripe down the center completes the look. Fans who are attached to the Bulldog’s traditional uniforms have expressed their negative feelings towards the new duds, which have received comparisons to everything from sci-fi characters to the red Power Ranger. The good news for those fans? They’ll only be worn for one game.

While it might not be apparent to all Georgia supporters, Nike worked closely with the university to bring elements of the school’s heritage into a modern uniform design. Below is a look at the new unis and you can check out additional photos here. What do you think?

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