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A Glam Slam stopped by the Burton showroom in NYC to check out all of the brand’s offerings and chat with Hannah Teter, Olympic gold medalist and a member of the Burton team. Though Burton is typically associated with snowboarding gear and accessories, the brand has launched a new Spring/Summer collection this year, complete with warm weather pieces for men and women that are fashionable, functional and transitional.

Hannah shared her favorite pieces from this line and gave A Glam Slam the scoop on her style on and off the slopes, her own line of underwear and what’s next for the snowboarding star. Check it out:

(photo via @burtonsnowboard)

Can you talk about your collaboration with Burton and your involvement in the design process?

I’ve been riding with Burton for almost 11 years. For the past 8 or 9 years, I’ve been involved in the Burton roundtables and that’s where we go through the future products and each line for that year. We get to bring in samples if we want to see something included, such as venting. Whatever it is, we can give feedback or share our ideas and they take it and incoporate it into the line. I’ve been a part of the process of putting out some of the coolest clothes in the world.

What are your “must-have” Burton pieces?

I really love the GMP line, the “Green Mountain Project.” It’s the more organic stuff, the eco line which uses reycled fabrics. I love supporting that line and competing in those clothes. I’m on an all-organic, super healthy lifestyle kick so that goes along with it perfectly.

Can you describe your personal style off the slopes?

It’s pretty mellow. I try to flair up a little bit like with these shoes [see photo above]. I try to be fashionable and stay up to date with what that actually entails, but I’m still the athletic, just want to be comfortable, never brush my hair and throw on a hat type.

You also have a line of underwear called “Sweet Cheeks.” Can you talk about the story behind the line? What do you hope to accomplish?

It was an idea that I had because I sell Maple Syrup for my charity Hannah’s Gold and I thought not everyone needs maple syrup, so what is something that we all need? And everyone needs underwear. I got a couple of athletes on board – Monica Byrne-Wickey who is a surfer and Gabi Viteri who is also a member of the Burton team – and we are pushing this underwear line “Sweet Cheeks” because it’s all about giving back. Each pair of underwear sold feeds a child for a month through Children International. So that’s our theme and the basis as to why we’re pushing this whole thing so far.

Do you have any plans to expand the “Sweet Cheeks” line, perhaps to include clothing?

Yes we definitely would. Once we start growing and getting in more stores and are more prominent out there I think we’ll have a future. A “Sweet Cheeks” line of tanks and stuff. Right now it’s just underwear and thongs.

Aside from your work on the halfpipe, you are also focused on charity work. Can you talk about the causes you support?

We sell the maple syrup for a town in Kirindon that we are trying to equip with all clean water and we are over halfway done now. There are 70,000 people who live there so it’s a pretty big project. So that’s been going real well. For the past 4 years I’ve also donated all of my contest money to the cause just to add another purpose to snowboarding.

What’s next for you this upcoming snowboarding season?

I’m competing in New Zealand in August for the first Global Series so I’m getting geared up for that. That’s really the only contest for the season until maybe a World Cup in Switzerland, but nothing too much after the New Zealand Open until December.

You were one of the female Olympians feature in the 2010 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition, which was met with some criticism. How was that experience?

It was cold! They asked me if I wanted to do it and I said yes. I thought some beach, some tropical place somewhere and then they fly me to Whistler and I’m standing on a glacier in a bathing suit in 40 degrees.

People were like what are you doing? You’re supposed to be in all snowboarding clothes, people are not supposed to see any of you. But it was a really fun experience for me and I got more good stuff than bad stuff coming out of it. You know there’s always the critics that are going to want to say something but it was awesome. I think it’s more healthy to see people who are athlethic, it’s more realistic. I think it’s nice that Sports Illustrated took in athletes and said here are these women who are healthy and they’re beautiful too.

A Glam Slam also got Hannah to dish on some of her favorite products from the Burton Spring/Summer line and you can view the full collection here. Check it out:

Below are some of A Glam Slam’s favorite outerwear pieces from the showroom visit:

The “Signature Jacket” comes from The White Collection, the product of Shaun White. Shaun asked Burton to turn his vintage leather motorcycle jacket into something he could ride in. The result is the sleek, hip jacket above which features DRYRIDE approved genuine goatskin leather, a slim, tailored fit and cheetah print lining.

This “AK 2L Flare Down Jacket” features a bold colorway called “Aftershock Print,” which includes neon yellow, purple and green hues. It is made of a GORE-TEX brushed plain weave fabric and offers a flattering silhouette. Also pictured are the “AK 2L Summit Pants.” The GORE-TEX materials will keep you dry and the the feminine cut is ultra flattering – the perfect combination of fashion and function.

The “Giselle Jacket” offers a totally stylish spin on a standard piece of outerwear. The plaid printed satin lining and removable faux fur hood will add an extra element of glam to your outerwear.

A Glam Slam loves this Burton “Varsity Jacket.” The old-school, retro style design is made of DRYRIDE Durashell 2-Layer Laminated Wool Face Fabric and features a boyfriend fit.

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