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A big night. A big stage. And big fashions. Though this past weekend centered around the newest members of the NFL, many fans also tuned in for the fashion spectacle. The NFL draft style selections are often more subdued than those of the NBA draft, but it is still an entertaining sartorial showcase. Pimp suits, hipster accessories, lots of bling and fashion-forward families stole the show. A Glam Slam has broken down the NFL Draft first-round style winners and losers:

Patrick Peterson and Mark Ingram were the two clear cut fashion winners. Peterson is already known for his standout style so many were anticipating a great draft day ensemble. The newest Arizona Cardinal, who believes Larry Fitzgerald is the NFL star with the best fashion sense, likes to keep it classy with well-fitted suits. His draft day threads included a sleek dark suit paired with a navy and white gingham shirt and a bold red tie. Peterson’s NFL career is just beginning but he’s already admitted that a future in fashion is not out of the question.

Also topping A Glam Slam’s best-dressed list was former Alabama running back, Mark Ingram. His draft attire included a three piece, gray on gray pinstripe suit accented with a pink tie and pocket square. To finish off his ultra classy look, Ingram accessorized with an incredible diamond watch. The football player put a lot of time into choosing his draft day gear. He also consulted with his mother on the last two suits he had in mind, but ultimately made his own final decision.

Von Miller certainly stood out because of his thick-rimmed glasses but despite their size, he couldn’t hide his tears when being announced as the second draft pick. Miller picked out his draft day specs at Silver Lining Opticians in New York, a company run by a Denver native. The resulting eyewear helped the new Denver Bronco make geek look totally chic.

Nick Fairley also rocked some dark, thick glasses but instead of a classic suit like Miller, he paired them with a large bow tie. Fairley’s look failed to transition away from geek, drawing him endless comparisons to an oversized Steve Urkel. In this version of spec wars, the edge goes to Miller.

Blaine Gabbert’s sleek gray suit and thin black tie had him looking like a movie star rather than a football player. But it was actually his long locks, not his sharp suit, that had people talking. It appears as though this NFL newbie will give Tom Brady’s hair a run for its money.

A.J. Green was also primed for a Hollywood Red Carpet with his dark suit, purple paisley tie and lilac pocket square.

Two of A Glam Slam’s least favorite looks would be Julio Jones and Cameron Jordan. Jones’ gray pinstripe suit, red shirt and large white bow tie are of course reminiscent of Pee-Wee Herman’s signature style. Thanks to fellow NFL player Dhani Jones, bow ties are definitely making a comeback. Perhaps he can school this Jones on a better way to wear one.

Cameron Jordan sported a light-colored suit with a plaid shirt and brown tie. The color scheme, which reminded us of Fall foliage, was a bit too country casual for our taste.

For many NFL prospects, draft day is the most important day of their lives which is why they choose to dress the part. In some cases, as in Jimmy Smith, that means a “Godfather II” t-shirt. It’s difficult to classify Smith’s black tee as a winner or loser but it certainly left us all saying “Huh?”

We spoke earlier of Mark Ingram’s wrist bling but he was just one of many prospects who was literally “glowing” all night long. Diamonds flanked the ears and wrists of several NFL draftees but the biggest accessory buzz surrounded Mike Pouncey. The 15th overall draft pick flashed his unbelievable watch for the cameras.

The best fashions from an ensemble cast would no doubt be awarded to Prince Amukamara and his family. The New York Giants first-round selection is actually a descendent of Nigerian royalty, which was evident when this group hit the stage. Prince’s attire was fairly simple, but his bright orange shirt and tie complimented the royal garbs seen on the rest of his family members. We can’t wait to see what they wear to his first NFL game.

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