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Companies have made great strides when it comes to creating fashionable team gear for women. Flattering cuts, runway inspirations and feminine designs have all contributed to the sports fashion overhaul. Now with the help of luxury handbag company, Tracy Zych, female sports enthusiasts and style mavens can have the perfect accessory to finish off their gameday ensemble. Tracy and Ashley Zych, the sisters behind the brand, have launched a line of sports-themed handbags called the “Team Spirit” collection. The new line merges their passion for fashion with their love of sports.

The “Team Spirit” collection of handbags utilizes the same soft leathers and bold hardware from the brand’s “Classic Collection,” but vibrant new colors now correspond to popular sports teams. Cross-body bags, hobos and clutches are among the offerings, providing plenty of options depending on the event. The bags are chic, sophisticated and ideally sized whether you’re courtside, tailgating or out celebrating a big win. Carry them any day, not just on gameday.

A Glam Slam got the scoop from designers Tracy and Ashley on the inspiration behind their new “Team Spirit” handbags, their gameday style and the teams we can expect to see added to the collection. Check it out:

How did you get started in the handbag business?

The Tracy Zych handbag brand got its start when my sister and I took a trip to New York, went down to the fashion district and walked floor by floor in the buildings knocking on doors to ask where the leather houses and factories were located and everything just followed from there.

Can you tell us briefly about your company and its offerings?

Our company takes great pride in designing handbags made with exquisite soft leather, bold hardware and modern designs including oversized clutches and jet-set satchels that are the ultimate everyday handbag perfect for our customer’s lifestyles.

Why did you decide to develop a sports division and in turn the “Team Spirit collection?”

We  decided to develop a sports division because my sister and I are both avid sports fans and it was while we were trying to decide on our game day outfits one evening that we became inspired to redefine our classic handbag designs into a collection of handbags made in sports team colors. The “Team Spirit” handbags were the perfect solution for us to show our team pride in a sophisticated way.

We named the new collection “Team Spirit” because the heart and soul behind this collection is that they show the spirit and passion that you have for your favorite sports team. Whether you are carrying a “Team Spirit” satchel on game day or rocking a “Team Spirit” clutch for a night on the town, you will be making a statement with these glamorous bags that represent the team you cheer on season after season.

Which teams are currently available in the “Team Spirit” collection?

Los Angeles Lakers, Miami Heat, New York Knicks, Orlando Magic and New Jersey Nets.

We look forward to expanding our “Team Spirit” line to include football, hockey and baseball teams. Coming soon and in production are the New York Yankees, Boston Red Socks, Tampa Bay Lightning, Green bay Packers, Dallas Cowboys and Washington Redskins.

In the spirit of competition, the upcoming “Team Spirit” collections will be determined each season for the teams with the most passionate fans so we encourage everyone to email us and let us know which team is their favorite. The “Team Spirit” handbags are limited edition as we will retire and introduce new styles each season.

As both designers and passionate sports fans, can you describe your own “fan style?” What would you typically wear to a sporting event? Which “Team Spirit” bag(s) do you carry to the games?

Our fan style is casual/glam and we wear a tank top with skinny jeans (shorts if it’s hot) and glam up our game day outfit with cute shoes and a “Team Spirit” handbag.

Our favorite “Team Spirit” bags to carry to the games are the Erika satchel (it makes a bold statement) and the Whitney cross-body bag is perfect for tailgating.

Though the bags feature team colors, they are void of team logos. Was that intentional, perhaps to make them easily transition from game wear to everyday wear?

It was definitely intentional that we left the logos off. We wanted the “Team Spirit” handbag collection to be a new approach to accessorizing fan gear.  What makes the “Team Spirit” handbags so special is they are constructed with luxury materials, they will never go out of style, once a fan always a fan and the “Team Spirit” handbags easily transition into everyday wear, such as the black Edie tote bag with the red bottom and the Katrina clutch in the Tri white color is perfect to glam up skinny jeans and a black top.

Our most popular selling styles are the Katrina and Silva clutches that make a great conversation piece to go with your little black dress for a night out on the town.

Your classic collection of handbags has several celebrity fans. Who would you like to see toting your “Team Spirit” bags? Any specific sports wives or girlfriends?

We currently have custom “Team Spirit” handbags in production for a handful of celebrity wives and girlfriends and defiinitely had them in mind while developing the style, as we wanted the team spirit bags to be a glamorous accessory for these style-loving ladies to carry.

Here’s a peak at some of the Tracy Zych “Team Spirit” offerings. To view the full collection, visit here.

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