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Fashion plays a larger role in sports than many people realize. While the primary concern of fans, players, coaches etc. is of course the game, all parties are embracing fashion more than ever.

If A Glam Slam were to create a “Best-Dressed Athletes of 2010″ list, it would look a lot like this. So instead, A Glam Slam has compiled the “Hits” and Swings & Misses,” which encompass the best, worst, most buzzed about and most controversial, sports fashion moves of 2010. Here they are, in no particular order:


“Back to the Future” Uniforms

For the 2010 season, several teams including the NBA’s Golden State Warriors and Utah Jazz and the MLB’s New York Mets and Minnesota Twins, introduced new uniforms that payed homage to old teams. The retro threads brought back style elements from previous years, honoring the heritage of each franchise.

DKNY partners with the New York Yankees

DKNY became the first fashion brand to secure a presence in Yankee Stadium, with a large billboard prominently positioned in right-field. This partnership merged an iconic NYC fashion brand with an iconic NYC sports team.

Italian National Soccer Team D&G Underwear Collection

The World Cup gave soccer fans, non- soccer fans and virtually all females a reason to cheer for the sport last Summer. And this certainly helped: the “Calcio” collection of Dolce & Gabbana Gym & Underwear was dedicated to the World Cup and represented the Italian national team.

Amar’e Stoudemire’s Off-Court Style as a New York Knick

Amar’e Stoudemire made quite an impression since becoming a New York Knick through his play on the court and his style of the court. As Vogue Editor-in-Chief Anna Wintour’s hottest 2010 accessory, he became a men’s fashion icon and an up-and-coming women’s fashion designer in a short period of time.

Team USA Olympic Snowboarding Pants

In addition Shaun White’s incredible performance at the 2010 Winter Games in Vancouver, the Team USA snowboarders took the spotlight because of their pants. The Burton brand designed the bottom half of the team’s “anti-uniforms” to look like a pair of distressed jeans, even though they were actually made of a waterproof Gore-Tex material.

Men’s Golf’ “Cardigan Comeback”

Not only did he win the U.S. Open but Irish golfer, Graeme McDowell, was the tournament style MVP. His winning ensemble received a lot of fashion praise and also helped to ignite a “cardigan comeback” on the course. Case in point: Team USA’s much-buzzed about Ryder Cup fashions featured a vintage “Cornflower” v-neck cardigan sweater, similar to McDowell’s.

NFL Women’s Apparel: “Fit For You”

Finally, the NFL got in touch with its feminine side. A dedicated women’s campaign and a whole new collection of fashionable team gear was introduced for female fans, who account for almost 50% of the NFL viewing population.

S.I. Swimsuit Edition features “Olympic Women”

Sports fans eagerly await the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue each year. With it’s release coinciding with the Vancouver Games last year, the magazine featured the Olympic beauties in winter-themed swimsuits.

Ryan Miller Plays Fashion Photographer

NHL stars are among the most stylish group of athletes out there and Vanity Fair took notice. The magazine celebrated fashionable NHL players during New York Fashion Week and then “hired” Ryan Miller as a fashion photog. The Buffalo Sabres goalie stepped behind the lens to shoot a special fashion pictorial featuring his NHL buddies.

Ana Ivanovic’s U.S. Open Dress

Ana Ivanovic’s pink, adidas Adilibria U.S. Open dress had fashion critics raving. The tennis court has become a catwalk for players, who bring out their very best for Grand Slam play. This pink on pink dress with lace inserts was sexy, stylish, functional and one of the best looks of the season.


Venus Williams’ French Open Outfit

The buzz surrounding the 2010 French Open had little to do with the game of tennis. Instead, Venus Williams’ controversial, lingerie-inspired, black lace ensemble with nude undergarments sent fans into a fashion frenzy.

Kobe Bryant’s “The Grinch” Christmas Sneakers

Kobe Bryant’s Grinch-themed Christmas Day sneakers sparked a lot of conversation among A Glam Slam readers, as many fans did not approve of their look. The holiday kicks were not the best example of satorial splendor and they clashed horribly with Kobe’s purple and gold Lakers uniform.

The New “Watergate” – Team USA Ryder Cup Raingear

In addition to their tournament loss, Team USA suffered another embarrassing moment at the Ryder Cup. The Americans became the butt of many jokes because of their rain gear, which absorbed water instead of repelling it. When torrential storms plagued the tournament, the team had to buy new rain suits at the merchandise tents at Celtic Manor since their own gear couldn’t keep them dry.

Coach Tom Hodges’ Suit

Morehead State’s rookie women’s basketball coach, Tom Hodges, wanted to bring more attention to the school’s basketball program. Mission. Accomplished.

Florida Everblades Holiday Jersey

The ECHL’s Florida Everblades celebrated the holiday with special jerseys. As a result, the term “Ugly Christmas Sweater” has taken on a whole new meaning.

The “BRayser”

Thanks to the themed road trips coordinated by Tampa Bay Rays coach Joe Maddon, the team committed several fashion faux-pas during the 2010 season. Topping the list was the “BRayser” (Blazer + Rays), not just because of its name, but because of its look.

Tom Brady Endorses UGG Boots

When Tom Brady announced an endorsement deal with UGG boots and professed his love for the brand, football fans had a field day. Since the sheepskin boots are most often seen on teenage girls, the jokes were endless. Now that the boots are also rumored to cause foot fungus, the Brady bullying won’t end any time soon.

Aubrey Huff’s Red “Rally Thong”

Let’s reserve sports superstitions for the playoff beard, please.  Otherwise more athletes might introduce good-luck charms like Aubrey Huff’s “red rally thong.”  Since the thong led to a San Francisco Giants World Series win, it’s likely to make a return appearance next season. Yikes

Slovenia’s “Charlie Brown” World Cup Uniforms

The smallest country in the World Cup tournament managed the biggest uniform failure. The thick, yellow jagged line on the front of Slovenia’s uniforms was meant to represent the country’s mountains. Instead, it represented Charlie Brown.

Olympic Men’s & Figure Skating Pairs

Flamboyant, over-the-top costumes are synonymous with the sport of figure skating. However, the men’s and pairs figure skaters at the 2010 Winter Games committed more fashion failures in two weeks than we’ve seen all year. For a complete list, check here.

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