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It took a red glittery thong, “the beard” and a group of young misfits to bring the Giants their first World Series title since 1954. They had won their previous championship in New York, before moving out west in 1958. And while the team has had great talent in the past, they had been unable to bring the Bay Area its first title until now.

No one predicted a win for the black and orange and even the fans had given up on the team several times throughout the season. But the Giants defeated the Texas Rangers 3-1 in Game 5, to become the 2010 champions of baseball. The Giants won on the strength of their incredible young pitchers proving the old baseball adage that good pitching wins baseball games. Despite their big bats, the Rangers became the first team since … Read More »


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When we think of Tommy Bahama, “men in Hawaiian printed shirts sipping pina coladas on the beach” is typically what comes to mind. And that’s quite a departure from “men in baseball jerseys chugging beers at the stadium.” But the lifestyle brand actually has a multiyear agreement with Major League Baseball Properties. And though the collaboration seems unlikely, the result is a pretty unique line of fan gear.

Tommy Bahama offers a “Collector’s Edition” of MLB shirts with team names and official logos embroidered on the back. While the gear is definitely taste specific, its a great option for Tommy Bahama enthusiasts. Teams include the New York Yankees, Boston Red Sox, Chicago Cubs, St. Louis Cardinals, Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim and the Los Angeles Dodgers and they are available at select Tommy Bahama retail locations and online here.

For the 2011 baseball season, Tommy Bahama will … Read More »


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The NFL headed to London this past weekend and they brought along their newest ambassador, supermodel Marisa Miller. Earlier this month, Miller was announced as the official “SuperFan” and league spokesperson for the 2010-2011 season. Her first call of duty brought her to the UK to help gain a new crop of American football fans abroad.

This is the fourth year the league held a regular-season at Wembley Stadium, as part of its ongoing efforts to promote the NFL brand and increase the fan base. In this year’s game, the San Francisco 49ers deafeated the Denver Broncos with a 24-16 victory. However the showdown between these two struggling teams didn’t do much to sell the NFL to those in attendance.

So perhaps it’s a good thing the league brought along Marisa Miller. Prior to the game, Miller lead … Read More »


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When you’ve won as many championships as the Los Angeles Lakers, creating new ring designs can be a challenge. Unless you are Jason of Beverly Hills.

To commemorate their 16th NBA title, the Lakers commissioned the celebrity jewelry for the second year in a row, to create what will go down as the world’s most historic championship bling. The new sparkler has features that have never before been seen on a professional sports ring. With unique design components such as the below, the bar has been set for future rings:

Each and every ring is adorned with a piece of the actual ball used in game 7 of the 2010 NBA Finals.
The two Larry O’Brien trophies representing the back to back titles are made from a custom batch of 16kt gold.
16 oversized round brilliant white diamonds indicate the 16 … Read More »


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When the NBA established a dress code in 2005, no one could have predicted that they would take it to such extremes. Recently the league banned “performance-enhancing” sneakers, which were believed to provide an unfair advantage to wearers. Now they have added yet another rule to the league’s dress code: players are prohibited from wearing upside down headbands. Seriously.

Boston Celtics point guard, Rajan Rondo, is one of the players most notorious for sporting the upside down headband look on-court. But in the Celtics’ season opener against Miami earlier this week, Rondo’s “NBA fashion faux pas” was noticeably absent. The poster boy for headbands wasn’t even wearing one right-side up.

Only the NBA could allow a simple fashion statement to stir up so much controversy. The headwear ban is especially interesting, since it was the NBA who issued the … Read More »


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There is rarely a year in sports that is not marked by a scandal or two, a new hero or villain, or heartwarming and heartbreaking moments. And Halloween is the perfect time of year to take advantage of these memorable and often controversial events.

A Glam Slam has compiled a variety of fun and easy costume ideas that honor some of this year’s most buzzed about stories in the world of sports.


Cleveland fans haven’t had much luck when it comes to the success of their sports teams. During this NBA off-season, their fate went from bad to worse. Not only did the city suffer a major heartbreak with the loss of LeBron James, but they also suffered major humiliation with his very public exit. Unfortunately for Cleveland, this is an easy one. Here’s what you’ll need:

Cleveland team jersey … Read More »


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The Winter season is just around the corner and before the cold weather officially hits, it’s a good idea to stock up on your snow gear. Burton Snowboards has launched a great new online tool, to help riders create the ultimate outwear ensemble for hitting the slopes.

Dubbed “The Great Outfitter,” this tool allows visitors to virtually create, view and remix their gear for the upcoming snow season. The feature takes on the role of a personal snow gear stylist. Riders will begin by choosing from a wide range of color combinations for their jacket and pants. Next they will select their preferred fit with options including Slim Fit, Sig Fit and Team Fit. To finish off the process, visitors will select the weather conditions (All Season, Mid-Winter or Sub-Zero) that they will experience while riding. Once all specifications … Read More »


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The 2010-2011 NBA season kicks off tonight and this year, theNew York Knicks will have a brand new look. The team’s off-season makeover included the addition of several new players, most notably power forward, Amare Stoudemire. Though it will take time to mold a team with a lot of new faces, they are on the right track to a better future. And the makeover didn’t stop there. To coincide with their new set of skills, the guys have also updated their style.

Hugo Boss has inked a multiyear sponsorship deal with the New York Knicks. This marks the first basketball sponsorship for the brand, whose other sports marketing initiatives include the Davis Cup and the European PGA Tour.

The new partnership will be revealed at the Knicks’ home opener on Saturday. The agreement includes Hugo Boss … Read More »


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Iker Casillas is a football goalie who plays for the Spanish La Liga clubReal Madrid and serves as the captain of the Spanish national team. He’s been touted as one of the best goalkeepers in Europe and continues to gain a great reputation for his play. Still considered to be a young goalkeeper, Casillas is poised to become one of the all-time best. And a World Cup win would certainly solidfy his place in a long, impressive line of Spanish goalkeeping greats. The Captain has led his team to the finals of the 2010 FIFA World Cup, where Spain will take on the Netherlands this Sunday.

But Casillas’ World Cup run did not come without controversy. His off-field personal life made it onto the field. The goalie is currently dating Spanish model and TV sideline reporter, Sara Carbonero, … Read More »


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Sports have become a huge inspiration for fashion designers. Luxury brands have had tie-ins to the sports world via themed runway shows and ready-to-wear collections, collaborations with major active wear brands and through team sponsorships. One brand at the forefront of blending high-style with sports is Italian fashion house, Dolce & Gabbana.

The design duo’s love of soccer is evident as they dress the AC Milan and Chelsea teams, as well as the Italian national team. They’ve also recently named Barcelona and Argentina forward, Lionel Messi as their new brand ambassador. But in their most recent sports venture, the guys are switching gears and lending their talents to boxing.

Dolce & Gabbana was recently unveiled as the title sponsor of theMilano Thunder WSB team. This is the first time that a sports team will carry the Dolce … Read More »