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A full house on the poker table and a full closet at home. For Beth Shak, the worlds of cards and couture co-exist quite nicely.

The World Championship Full-Tilt poker pro is probably the only player who rocks Louboutins under the table come gametime. She continues to succeed as a female in a male-dominated game, rising to the top of the ranks as a pro player. As if that wasn’t enough, fashion mogul, mother, businesswoman and philanthropist round out her already impressive resume.

A Glam Slam got Beth to dish on poker, her personal style and that outrageous shoe collection. Check it out:

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How did you begin playing poker? What is it that attracted you to the sport?

I taught myself how to play on Full Tilt poker with play money. When I felt confident enough I tried real money, then live tournaments.

What is it like to be a lady in the “male-dominated” world of poker? Do you feel a constant need to prove yourself to male players?

It’s very hard to constantly prove yourself unless you play all the time (in tournament play). I always try to be the best I can be. I know as a women that men will generally target me more than another man.

What do you think (if anything) could be done to attract more women to the game?

More and more women are playing now. I don’t feel it’s ladies events. If there are smaller buy in events that’s a way to attract them and get their feet wet.

In addition to your love of poker, you also have a passion for fashion. Do poker and fashion have anything in common in your eyes?

I see the word fashion and my eyes light up : ). No, they have nothing in common. Just like the guy with the sweats and tee will always be that guy. I will always be the fashionista girl no matter where I am.

What is your typical attire for a poker game/tournament? Do you have any “lucky charm” fashion pieces?

Typical to me is a cute pair of jeans and top. A great pair of Louboutins and normally my 35cm Birkin bag. Unless I wear my custom Walter Steiger “poker shoes.

Outside of the game, can you describe your personal style? Who are your favorite designers?

My style is classic yet fun. I love Hermes and Chanel bags. I pair them with a Herve Leger or Michael Kors dress. Fab shoes are a must. I mix and match some great accessories to give it some spunk.

Which other female athletes do you believe have a great sense of style?

Danica Patrick,  Maria Sharapova, Gabrielle Reece.

We’ve read that you own over 1400 pairs of shoes, including a custom pair of Walter Steiger poker-themed heels. Is this true? Do you have a favorite shoe designer?

I LOVE SHOES…Definitely Christian Louboutin, then YSL..I do deviate though.

Is it also true that you are developing your own line of clothing? What can we expect to see?

If it ever gets done. I have all the designs just to get something completed when your not in charge. OMG. It’s a line of tees and hoodies.

You also recently appeared on an episode of “Millionaire Matchmaker.” Do you have any advice for women who are trying to juggle their career and their dating life?

I loved Patty. She is amazing. I actually feel that if TV weren’t invloved and she had more time that she would have found the perfect match for me. She may be outspoken at times, but she is VERY smart.

Make time when you do meet that special someone. Keep a good balance with your career and other things that are important to you.

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