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“Some girl, somewhere, needs inspiration. And you can be the one to give it to her. Share this to help someone go beyond their best.”

Nike’s newest marketing efforts encourage women who want to improve their physical form, to become “the best version” of themselves. The “I’m Making Myself” campaign is featured on the Nike Women’s facebook page.  A dedicated wall allows females from all over the globe to share the goal(s) they are working towards and in turn, motivate and inspire other Nike Women to follow their example.


The first step in the process is for women to declare how they are “making themselves.” Participants will begin with the phrase “I’m Making Myself” and finish it with adjectives such as “ageless,” “amazing,” “fit,” “stronger” etc. They will then be asked to provide a short description of what helps them to achieve the characteristics that they have listed. All entries will be visible via the brand’s facebook page.

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To add another element to the campaign, Nike has also tapped into three top female athletes to share their own secrets for getting fit. American surfer Monica Byrne-Wickey, Dutch footballer Anouk Hoogendijk and American skier Julia Mancuso took to Nike Womens facebook page to provide their fitness focus, preferred workout apparel, healthy recipes and words of wisdom, as added inspiration to women everywhere.


So what do you think ladies? Does Nike’s newest campaign make you want to become a better version of yourself? If not, this commercial is sure to change your mind:

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