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When gameday hits, college campuses are full of students sporting apparel in their school colors. The “appropriate” way to dress varies among schools, as many traditions dictate gameday fashions. But there are ways to stand out among the masses in any stands, without sacrificing team spirit or style.

University Chic, “the #1 college guide for women” recently held a “Top College Fashionista” contest, sponsored by Lady Fanatics, The Collegiate Liscensing Company (CLC) and University Chic. Entrants from all over the country were asked to showcase their fashion talents by transforming ordinary gameday gear into stylish outfits for all occasions. And one lucky student blogger would win the title of “Top College Fashionista.”

Kaitlin Duffy, a recent graduate of Auburn University, was named the contest winner. A Glam Slam spoke with Kaitlin about her personal style, gameday faux pas and fashions in the Auburn stands. Take a look

AGS: Tell us about the UChic contest and how you got involved?
KD: UChic was looking for student bloggers. We had to take 5 photos of our gametime looks and include tips on how to use the gear from their sports clothing website and implement it into gameday gear. The contest was awesome. It was great to have Auburn students and my friends and family back me up on this and interesting to see how all of the other contestants thought about fashion in different ways. It was cool to see everyone’s creative take on the assignment and how their ideas varied because of the difference in schools.

AGS: Describe your personal style. Which brands do you like?
KD: The brands I like are different from the ones I usually buy because of their cost. I love to shop at J. Crew and Anthropolgie and I like Forever 21 a lot because it’s totally affordable and you can find great, versatile pieces there. I also would love to buy things right off the runway if I could.

AGS: What inspired your five looks?
KD: In my five looks, I wanted to represent what a typical Auburn University girl looks like. We are pretty preppy. To describe fashion in Auburn, “Keep it Classy” is the mantra of Sorority Girls. This style of dress is similar among other SEC schools too. I wanted my fashions to be realistic, based on what an Auburn girl would wear.

AGS: What are the biggest fashion faux pas (girls or guys) that you’ve noticed in the Auburn stands?
KD: I think the biggest fashion faux pas is the guys who go shirtless and have AU painted on their chest, because most boys are usually wearing button downs, kacki pants and bowties in the stands. Many girls are wearing dresses and a large majority of students still dress in a t-shirt and jeans or a jean skirt.

AGS: What is your favorite thing to wear on gameday?
KD: My favorite thing to wear on gameday is a dress with accessories. I always wear navy, orange or white because those are our school colors. I usually choose a white dress because that’s the easiest color to find and pair it with accessories in orange and blue. Adding accessories helps to make an outfit your own.

AGS: There are more and more brands creating fashionable gameday gear (Victoria’s Secret PINK; Alyssa Milano TOUCH). Do you see this as an upcoming trend, meaning that gameday gear is starting to make its way into mainstream fashion?
KD: I would definitely say yes, it’s the direction that gameday fashion is going. In fact, Victoria’s Secret set up a tent on campus in the Fall to showcase their collection. They brought all kinds of Auburn Victoria’s Secret gear. Girls would not only wear it to the games, but even to class.

AGS: What’s next for you? Could we see gameday gear design in your future?
KD: I just graduated in May. I was a PR major so I am interning right now at a firm in Atlanta. I don’t know if I would be designing anything in the future, but I’d love to do what I did with this contest. I really love to promote things.

What made Kaitlin the “Top College Fashionista?” Here are her 5 winning looks:

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