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Who says brackets are only meant for games? has completed their annual contest to determine the “best-dressed coach in America.” The 65-slot bracket seeded coaches and divided them by region, to determine the NCAA basketball head coach and assistant coachwith the greatest sense of style.

For the third time, Drexel’s Bruiser Flint has been voted college basketball’s best-dressed head coach. Though he was the number 2 seed in his region, Flint defeated his opponents in the “Sensational 16,” “Elegant 8,” and “Fashionable Four” before edging out Campbell’s Robbie Laing in the finals. And while there’s no doubt that Flint is a man of style when he hits the court, fans are still questioning how Villanova’s Jay Wright and his Gucci suits were ousted in the round of 16. But then again, what’s a bracket without a few upsets?

So what make Flint the best-dressed? Take a look at some of his fashion choices:

And let’s not forget assistant coach honors. Bacari Alexander is not only the Univeriry of Michigan’s new assistant basketball coach, but he is also the best-dressed assistant coach in the nation. Like Flint, this is nothing new for Bacari. This year marks his 4th title as best-dressed.

Alexander faced off in the finals with Old Dominion coach, Jim Corrigan, and came out on top.

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