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The Payless shoe brand is known for “democratizing fashion and design in footwear” by offering consumers stylish and on-trend shoes, at very affordable prices. The Payless styles often mimic runway looks and top designers themselves have collaborated with the brand to create fashion forward footwear for the everyday customer. So at a time when “toning sneakers” are all the rage, the brand, as always, must keep up with the competition.

Reebok’s Easytone Sneakersclaim to tone and strengthen the legs and butt and help you burn calories as you engage in your day-to-day activities. And Skechers Shape-Upsclaim to stimulate walking on soft ground, which eases stress on joints and engages muscles not normally used, to result in the strengthening and toning of leg muscles. Now the newest addition to that list is the Payless launch of Champion Fitness, a line of toning shoes.

According to the press release, these kicks are “the latest innovation in athletic footwear where the shoes feature unique technology that creates a slight instability while walking and encourages toning of the leg and buttock muscles.” The shoes have been likened to “walking on sand.” Not only do they provide comfort and support, but the patent-pending technology, the “Cradle Toning Bottom,” features two curved pods that create slight instability while walking to encourage muscle toning benefits.

The Champion Fitness line of women’s shoes are available now, ranging in price from $25 to $40, at hundreds of Payless stores and at Check them out here. And if you like these kicks stay tuned for more to come. The brand plans to extend the women’s line with added styles and develop a line for men by the end of the year.

A Glam Slam readers, what are your thoughts? If you’ve hopped on the “toning sneakers” bandwagon, which brand is your favorite? Let Glam Gal know what you think!


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