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Every fan remembers great moments in sports: Brandi Chastain’s World Cup winning penalty kick in 1999, Kirk Gibson’s walk-off homerun in 1988 or Michael Jordan’s buzzer-beater over Craig Ehlo in 1989. Just to name a few. Now you can keep your favorite memories close, and wear a piece of the action.

GameWear is a company founded by two college baseball players who experimented with a torn up baseball. After turning the seams into neckpieces and sharing with teammates and friends, they took fan gear to a whole new level.

Today their company allows you to “Wear the Game” on your wrist. Or around your neck. Covering everything from the NBA and the NHL to MLS and NCAA, this unique brand makes its products from the same material used for baseballs, footballs, basketballs and even hockey pucks, to keep you close to your favorite sport, team or player. The logo bracelets and necklaces offer a truly special and very fashionable way to show your devotion to your team; and layering jewelry is a top trend this season, so show off your pride across the sports spectrum and stack on the bracelets of all your top teams.

In addition to professional and college teams, you can even send in your own team logo for a customized bracelet. With the holidays just around the corner, it’s the perfect gift option for your favorite sports fanatic.

Visit www.wearthegame.com to see the whole collection and check out some of Glam Gal’s top GameWear picks:

CX-MLB-AHH_LG Connecticut Huskies Classic Basketball Bracelet-l

PB-NHL-BUS HR Landon Donovan Classoc Soccer Bracelet CB-MLP-LAD-l

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