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People have
always found it strange that my two favorite things seem to have no connection at all. I can rattle off NBA stats one minute and
share my favorite new fashion trends the next. I split my time shopping
online designer sample sales while checking on the day’s scores. My
two dream jobs are a fashion designer and/or a sideline reporter.

As the only girl in between two boys, my Mom thrived
on turning me into her own little fashionista. And because of my Dad, I was
watching Yankee games before I could talk. When it
came time to choose a college, it’s no surprise that I ended up at a Big 10
school, the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

For the past five years, I’ve been working in an industry dominated by women, where
morning coffee talk does not typically involve a discussion of last night’s
winning touchdown or walk-off homerun. Instead, I have become a glossary of sports terminology for co-workers, while advising them on what to wear
on a date to a game, or providing them with the best sports bars to
frequent during March Madness.

So all of this begs the question: Fashion and Sports, is there really a connection? In my eyes there is and that is where A Glam Slam was born. Here you will
find the latest news and trends in Fashion and in Sports, wherever the two worlds collide.

If you have
any questions or comments please email me at

I hope you enjoy!

– Glam Gal –

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